If you want to look sharp, a custom-tailored suit will always be the best way to achieve it.

Before the viral availability of off-the-shelf suits, all men would have their own tailor. In many instances, gents would remain loyal to a single tailor who knew their perfect fit inside out, guaranteeing that their clothing was accurately fitted and balanced.

When you see a celebrity or business leader looking sharp in a suit, the main reason you will notice is because their suits are exactly tailored to their bodies.

The evidence supporting custom tailoring compared to mass-produced clothing is obvious.

Here are five reasons why your next suit should be custom tailored:

#1 – The Perfect Fit

When you purchase a factory-stitched, mass-produced, off-the-shelf suit it is extremely likely that it is not going to fit correctly. Standard sized suits are made following a cookie-cutter method and do not consider the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes with specific requirements.

Most of the time, retailers will suggest that you alter the suit to make it fit. While slight changes are OK, more major changes risk ruining the structural body of the suit.

For complete control over the fit of your suit, custom tailoring is the best option. A custom suit is made from more than 100 data points ensuring a perfectly produced suit that is made to fit just one person, you!

#2 – The Measurements

Have you ever realised that you fit a ‘medium’ from one brand and a ‘large’ at another? Well, that is due to every store having a different cut. Not only is this misleading, but it is also very time consuming. It will result in wasting your time inside fitting rooms trying on different sizes until you find something that works.

When you go custom, your exact measurements are taken and saved in your tailor’s database. Your measurement profile is ready and waiting when you are ready for your next suit.

#3 – Your Own Brand

Do not believe the myth from overrated labels that come with a heavy price tag but provide an ordinary look.

When you choose custom tailoring, your suit will be produced to your personal tastes and personality, effectively creating your own personal brand, always in stock and always in your size.

#4 – You Are the Designer

The best part of custom-made suits is that you can select from a vast range of world-class fabrics that can be customised for you. Ranging from cuffs and collars, to lapels and linings, it can all be made to your specific tastes and requirements.

You have the option to create a look right out of the latest issue of Men’s Style. You can even take inspiration from existing designer looks and add your own take on it.

#5 – The Quality

Quality is the most important and perhaps the biggest benefit of custom suits. A high-quality custom suit will make you look the part without much effort.

The construction quality will increase your suit’s life-span, and in the case of canvassed suits, will allow the suit to be flexible to the shape of your body over time.

Always remember, a cheap suit that fits perfectly will look infinitely better than an expensive suit that does not fit.

At Nickermann’s Boutique Tailors, we provide high-quality tailoring and specialise in custom suits. Schedule an appointment online or visit us in Bangkok!

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