One of the reasons why you should get a tailor is to make sure everything in your wardrobe fits you perfectly down to the last thread. There are an infinite amount of body shapes out there in the world. Because of that, it’s best for people to have their own measurements taken and used for their personal clothing by a professional tailor. After all, it used to be the only way people can actually get clothes back in the day.

But before you even consider hiring a personal tailor, here are some things you might need to know:


Go tailor shopping

Speak to a lot of different tailors. Get to know them a little. Know what their specialties are and what kind of clothes suit you best. Also get to know a little about their fashion sense. Tailors are more often than not updated with the latest trends but would still have their own preference. Always keep your options open whenever you consider hiring a tailor. Not all tailors are the same. There will be ones that have the edge in terms of experience while others might be better suited for your own personal sense of style.


Don’t do things on your own. Let the tailor pin your garments.

Some people think that they can do things on their own to save time by getting their own measurements and pinning the garments accordingly. However, it only takes a little more than a few minutes of a tailor to get our measurements. Pinning your own clothes won’t save both of you a lot of time. You might have even gotten your own measurements wrong because you’re not an expert at that. In worst cases, you might even end up with one sleeve longer than the other. Just let the tailor do his job.


Do your research and know what materials can be altered

Tailors aren’t miracle workers that can turn water into wine. Similarly, they can’t simply work on any kind of material especially if the one you have can’t be altered. Do your own research to find out what materials can be altered. But it’s also best to go to the tailor to ask his expert opinion before you even hire his services.


Tailoring is generally affordable and inexpensive

As a general rule, tailoring is affordable. It doesn’t have to expensive. However, some altering and tailoring jobs can be expensive depending on the material and the workload. Before you even consider hiring one, sit back and think if the job you want to give to a tailor has the tendency to become expensive. There are cases that some tailoring jobs can be a lot more expensive than you think of such as remaking a jacket that has lost some of its material. If you are on a budget, don’t be in a rush to have your clothes tailored. Take time. You can also shop around and ask other tailors for their opinions to know if the tailoring job you are asking them to do really is expensive or not.


Don’t expect the tailor to know what you are thinking

Tailors can’t read minds. Even years of experience haven’t taught them how to do so. Because of that, it’s best that you are able to clearly tell them what you want them to do instead of just assuming they already know what’s on your mind. Clearly articulate what you want to say so that they can get the message. You can even use photos and illustrations to help them understand what you want them to do. They are still humans and are not as special as you might think they are when it comes to their natural senses.

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