It has become a norm for every sharp-looking gentleman to have a suit. The memory of a first suit is also one that every guy has. Whether it was for his prom, his first job interview, or a friend’s wedding, the first suit will always be a memorable one. However, there will come a time when the gentleman would have to consider that the first and only suit may not be enough. He must move on from that first suit and delve into the world reserved only for the sharpest men. It’s a world where he has multiple suits. But why exactly does he need to have multiple suits? To convince every man out there to look at his best for multiple occasions, here are some of the reasons to have multiple suits:


To replace your first suit

Investing in a second or on multiple suits would be to the best interest of a man to avoid people seeing him wearing an old and worn suit with holes and stains. Nothing is worse than feeling ready to look good for an event but realizing your first suit has become old, ill-fitting, and faded. To avoid such a situation, it’s better to invest in multiple suits.


Change in details

You’ve worn your first suit so much that you already know the finer details. You’ve become so familiar with the length, the cut, and the fit that you might actually want to consider a change in style for once. This is where having multiple suits comes. You don’t have to forever worry about looking the same or getting used to the same details if you have more than one suit. Or, if you have already become too comfortable with the fit, try considering something of the same cut but in a different colour. In the same way, you can opt for the same colour but with a different style and fit.


Double the life expectancy of your suits

The truth is that buying suits or having them tailor-made can be very expensive. Buying one after your old ones get too faded and worn out can get break the bank.  However, if you consider having multiple suits at the same time, you’ll come to realize that your suits will double or even triple their life expectancy because you don’t have to use them as often as you would with only one suit. Instead of using the same suit twice in the same week, you can shuffle your choices among multiple suits. In the long run, this could save you a lot of money than you would when you only invest in one suit at a time.


The basic three

We already know how expensive a business suit is. However, they are indispensable pieces of clothing for the businessman that wants to look sharp on the day he wants to close a lucrative deal. Because of that, businessmen should own multiple suits. To our mind, he needs to have at least three pairs that come in navy, charcoal, and black colours. That combination of colours can fit all occasions and can mean that the ordinary businessman doesn’t have to break the bank to buy one set for every day of the week.


The everyday businessman

If you are in the corporate world and would need to wear a suit every day, one or two suits would never be enough. You need multiple suits at a number that fits the recommended 1:2 ratio. This means that you should have two pairs of suits for each day you wear them. For example, if you wear a suit five times a week, you should have ten pairs in your wardrobe. How else can you look your sharpest when conducting business if you can’t even have different suits for different days of the week?


Fit your needs

Of course, it all boils down to your needs and lifestyle when it comes to deciding if you really need multiple suits. A lawyer working in New York would most likely need to have 10 suits in his wardrobe. Meanwhile, a barkeeper would most likely only need as much as a construction worker does. However, it never hurts to have more than one suit especially if you need to attend different events that demand different styles. While there are versatile suits that can be worn for different occasions, it should still be safer to go for a wardrobe that can at least give you a choice in your quest to become the sharpest looking man you can be.


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