Every man goes through a certain phase or rite of passage at one point in his life. Going to a tailor to have a custom-made suit is one of them because every man should own a suit that fits him perfectly. But it’s not as easy an experience for any man. It can be daunting for first-timers who don’t know what to do or what to ask for. But to help make your first-time experience easier, here are some tips:


Know the tailor’s limitations and what they can do

Tailors can’t do everything. They have their limits. They can alter your clothes and also make custom-made suits for you. And when it comes to alterations, they can only do so much. This includes shortening suit sleeves, hemming pants to make them shorter, slimming the arms of the jacket, and slimming the legs of the pants. If you intend on having a tailor do an alteration that isn’t even closely related to any of those, it’s possible that they can’t do the job in the first place.


Know the tailor’s approach and what his style is

Not all tailors have the same kind of approach. They are all different when it comes to making suits. If you go to a traditional tailor that has the experience in making suits for the common corporate man, he will most likely have a conservative approach. But more modern tailors would make suits that are slim-fit. It’s best to know what the tailor’s approach is and to also give instructions on what you want for your suit.


Speak like a tailor, know the terms

It can be a lot easier to ask your tailor for what you want if you actually speak their language. The more experienced tailors will most likely understand you even if your instructions are vague. However, it’s better to know how to speak like a tailor to get your message across without any misunderstanding. Learn the basic terms such as “let it out”, “take it in”, or “break”. Know their meaning and you will find it easier to make your tailor understand how you want your suit to look like.


Know what’s in

While the suit never really went through a lot of major changes since it became popular in the 19th century, there are still trends you need to follow for you to fit into what is in style. Do your research and check style magazines to know what’s trendy in today’s generation. Most jackets today are slim-fitting. Pants as well are also slim-fit and tight around the ankles. Those are only some of the basics. You also might want to check what colours and type of suit are in style today.

There is a big chance that your tailor already knows what’s in style and what you might want. However, it never hurts to also know a thing or two about suits especially if you are first-timer. The first-time experience will be much faster and easier if you already know what you want and what your tailor can do.

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