Truth be told, some of us hesitate when it comes to getting tailor-made clothes and suits. After all, it takes time to have one made as opposed to just going to the store to buy a suit off the rack. However, you can never tell how much better a tailor-made suit is without having to try one made. Here are some of the benefits you are missing out.


  1. You get a better fit

Fit always plays the best role when it comes to suits. Not everyone has the same measurements but off-the-rack suits don’t care and would have generic sizes that don’t cater to everyone’s body size and type. But if you go to a tailor, you can have them make you a suit that’s fit to your measurements and actually looks good on you. Your tailor will get a detailed measurement of your body and would also know what kind of fit would best accentuate your best features to hide your flaws. It’s an entirely different experience to have a suit that fits your body perfectly than buying a suit in a store that doesn’t know your measurements or your best features.


  1. You get the material that you want

When you go looking for a suit in a store, you will notice that most suits are just made out of the same common material. That’s not the best way to stand out. And, most likely, the material type of the suits sold by stores depend on what season it is. If you want a material that doesn’t fit the season, you most likely won’t be able to find one in the store.

But having a suit custom-made means that you have a hand at what kind of material you want your suit to be made off. It’s not simply about standing out with a suit that’s made out of rare materials. It’s also about diversifying your wardrobe to make sure you have suits that are fit for whatever season or occasion.


  1. You can customize them

Another great part about tailor-made suits is that you can have them customized. You can have your tailor change the pockets or add more pockets if you want. You can have certain features and variations added to your suit depending on your style and preference. Buttons and pocket placement can also depend on what you think best suits you. You can have more buttons or choose where to place those buttons. You can even opt not to place any pockets on your suit. Whatever your style and preferences are, it’s easy to ask your tailor to make a suit that you yourself customized.


  1. Better quality

Off-the-rack clothes are machine-made and were not designed to fit your measurements. You can’t say the same about tailor-made suits. Your tailor uses his own hands to measure your body and to make a suit out of nothing to produce a high-quality garment that is certainly made to be more durable and better looking. In contrast, off-the-rack suits aren’t made with the same type of care and precision. While they may certainly be of a quality good enough to pass market standards, off-the-rack suits were made to be mass-produced and are therefore less likely to have the same type of quality and precision that tailor-made suits have.


  1. Cost

It can be more expensive to have a suit tailor made. However, if you look at the quality of work you are getting and the durability that comes with it, you will know that you are getting the bang for your buck. One tailor-made suit can last a lifetime. Meanwhile, off-the-rack suits aren’t made to be as durable and would most likely make you spend extra for repairs and even for a new suit if they are damaged beyond repair.

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