Today, tailored clothes seem like a luxury for a lot of people and something only the rich can afford. That’s why people would opt to wear and buy retail clothes instead. Retail clothing is inexpensive and fast compared to tailor-made clothes. However, there are a lot of other things that tailor-made clothes are better at compared to retail-bought clothes. Pricing and convenience might probably be the only things that retail clothes have over tailor-made ones because the latter has a lot more benefits than you originally thought.

Here are the reasons why you should choose tailor-made clothes over retail store-bought ones:

Custom fit

This is the primary reason why people buy tailored clothes. When you go to a tailor to have clothes made, they take your exact measurements and make sure that the clothes they make for you are a precise fit. You get to have clothes that fit you perfectly and would make you look good. Meanwhile, if you buy from retail stores, there is no guarantee that they are measured to your dimensions perfectly as they are made based on generic sizes. Some of those retail clothes may fit you well in other areas but would probably be too long. The ones that are of the proper length may be too tight around the chest and belly areas. But that’s not a problem you will have to endure if you have your clothes tailor-made instead.



Some people think that shopping for clothes in retail stores is a lot more time-efficient than going to a tailor. However, you have to factor in a lot of things such as the time you spend looking at clothes in a store, trying them on, and hopping over to another retail store to do the exact same things. In fact, shopping may take an entire day but you’d only end up with one shopping bag of clothes. However, going to a tailor doesn’t take up a lot of time. You only have to arrange a consultation with one, tell him what kinds of clothes you want, and have your measurements taken. The turnaround time might take a few days but it isn’t the entire process isn’t as time-consuming as others may think.



Retail clothes are machine-made and aren’t as precisely made as tailor-made clothes. This means that, as long as the retail clothes pass the minimum standards, they are ready to be sold. Other than that, the reason why mass-produced garments are so affordable is that they aren’t made with the same kind of quality standards as tailor-made clothes. In other words, tailored clothes are all built well out of the best materials on the market and every step the tailor makes is calculated to make it last a long time. You won’t see the stitching getting loose or some parts getting torn because of the quality and scrutiny they undergo when a tailor makes them.


The possibilities are endless

Shopping in retail stores means that your choices are limited to what’s available. You can’t get to express yourself with the clothes you had in mind. Also, retail stores go with what’s in style. If your fashion sense doesn’t fit in with what’s considered modern today, you won’t be able to express yourself well. However, going to a tailor means you can basically tell him what kind of clothes you want. You can personalize your clothes just the way you want to and you can even choose the kind of fit and the colours you want. Your imagination and sense of style are your only limits. However, make sure to consult your tailor first to know if those clothes really do suit you. After all, what you like may not always be the best for you.

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