Tailor-made suits today aren’t as popular as the ones you can buy off the rack. After all, you have to go to a tailor and get your measurements taken and have to pay an extra expensive fee for a good suit. Meanwhile, mass-produced suits are far more affordable and are easier to get. You only have to go to a retail store and try some suits on. However, there are benefits and disadvantages to both choices. Here are the differences between expensive tailor-made suits and affordable retail suits:



When talking about fit, a regular mass-produced suit is made to fit the majority of the market. They use template sizes that are based on the average bodies. However, not all bodies are shaped the same. A small for someone might who’s short and stout might be right in terms of length but might be tight around the body. Meanwhile, if he wore a medium or a large, it might fit his belly and chest areas right but might be too long for him.

However, tailor-made suits are made to fit the body like another layer of your skin without having to be too tight or too long or short. These suits are customized according to your measurements or how you want them to fit you. They will never be too long or short or too tight or too baggy.



The fabric is also a critical part of what makes a suit great. You are also getting what paid for if factor in the fabric of the suit. This means that affordable mass-produced suits use inexpensive fabric that might, later on, lose its shape and might even break off easily. Meanwhile, expensive tailor-made suits are made from premier fabric that’s durable and long-lasting. It’s usually made with wool that is resistant to water and static and can last for years without having to wear down. It also maintains its original shape and is not prone to getting loose.



Mass-produced suits are affordable precisely because they are mass-produced by machines. These machines can produce suits in no time and are more cost-effective in terms of production. However, they do not have the precision and skills of a trained tailor that looks at every little detail of a suit.

Meanwhile, tailor-made suits are essentially hand-made by experts and trained tailors that have years of experience. They are precise in every detail on the suits they make. Whether it’s the number of stitches, the type of fabric used, and the way the fabric is handled, everything the tailor does is calculated to form a durable and luxurious suit that’s made with precision and skill that machines don’t have.



If you go with affordable mass-produced suits, you are probably buying ones that don’t have brand recognition or companies that are simply still trying to make a name for themselves. The only mass-produced suits that can improve your reputation are ones that can break your bank because of how expensive they are.

On the other hand, expensive tailor-made suits are usually made by tailors belonging to brands that have been known for their quality throughout the years. They are recognizable not only in terms of quality but in name as well. You can easily elevate your reputation and your status if you buy expensive tailor-made suits that were hand-made by the finest tailors in your side of the town.

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