Dressing up in a business suit for a corporate event or for work will make people pay attention to you. After all, you always want to look your best and sharpest for any business-related event such as an interview or a meeting. However, just because you are wearing your business suit it doesn’t mean you already look fit for the business event. There are many common mistakes that young people often make whenever they wear their business suits. And if you ever commit one of those mistakes, you ruin the entire style and look.

Here are the common mistakes you should avoid when wearing a business suit:


Wearing a suit that doesn’t fit

Just because the suit looks good it doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Suit and fit always go together. No matter how great the suit looks, it won’t make you look any better unless it fits you. Don’t ever go to a business event wearing a baggy suit jacket that’s paired up with tight pants or vice versa. If the suit doesn’t fit you, have a tailor alter it for you.


Always wearing black socks

This a very common mistake. The basic rule is that the color of the socks should match the color of the pants. If you’re not wearing black pants, it’s best to use another color for your socks.


Wearing casual shoes

There are dress shoes that are casual and are fit for suits. However, if you’re on a business event, it’s best not to wear them. Don’t wear shoes that don’t have an outer lustre or heels. The height of the heel matters when it comes to wearing shoes together with your business suit. If you want to wear casual dress shoes, pair them up with khakis or if you’re on your way to a less formal event.


Tie length

Some people don’t think that the length of the tie matters. However, it should never be too long or too short. The tip of the tie should reach your belt. That’s the basic rule.


Wearing shoes that don’t match your belt

The belt and the shoes should always come from the same color. While some people don’t like it if your belt is lighter than your shoes or vice versa, it can still work so long as they are more or less from the same family of colors. And if you are wearing suspenders instead, always match the color with your shoes.


Fastening all the buttons

Don’t button up the entire suit. Leave at least one button unfastened if you have more than one buttons on your suit. If the suit has two buttons, go for the bottom button. If it has three, leave the top one unbuttoned or fasten only the middle or the bottom button.

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