A suit will always make a man look sharper. However, it can bring the best out of a man’s appearance if it makes him look slimmer. A perfect-fitting suit accentuates your best features and should make you look more physically fit than you actually are. It’s always better to look slim and fit when wearing a suit. If you’re on your way to a date or to an important event and you want to look slim, here are some tips you need to follow:


Wear suits with smaller patterns

Large and loud patterns (or prints) will only make you look bigger and louder. Instead, wear a suit with small patterns and dress shirts that have subtle designs so that they would draw people’s attention away from the bigger picture, which is your large figure.


Avoid pleated pants

Pleated pants look baggy. They add more material to the waist and it will look like you are hiding something in your pants. It’s better to wear flat-front plants so to make it look like you have a slim waist.


Wear pinstripe suits

Pinstripes are effective when it comes to making you look slimmer in a suit. This is because the lines that travel from top to bottom will guide people’s eyes up and down instead of from left to right. This draws their attention away from noticing your wide figure and will focus instead on your length instead of your width.


Go monochromatic

It’s a great idea to wear monochromatic suits because it doesn’t cut your body in half when people look at you from top to bottom. This means that people will be focusing more on your height and will be drawn away from your waistline.


Untuck your shirt

If you can look good with a shirt untucked, you better untuck it. This is because a tucked shirt adds unnecessary heft to your waist. Instead, go for an untucked look so that your torso will look longer than usual and will draw people’s attention away from your larger belly or waist.


Wear fitted clothes

Some men think that any of their flaws will stay hidden if they wear baggy clothes. However, baggy clothing will only make a man look heftier than he actually is. Instead, don’t fear fitted clothes. Form-fitting clothes might make your waist standout but it won’t make you look fatter than you actually are.


Wear point collars

When choosing a dress shirt, go for point collars instead of spread collars. This is because they minimize the roundness of your face the same way V-neck collars make you look taller and leaner compared to crewneck collars.

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