Quality custom-made clothes are extremely adaptable. Suits are certainly core pieces in a man’s closet, but purchasing classy separates is also a great idea.

Custom-made separates are very fitting for more casual affairs. Sports jackets, blazers, and slacks give off more of a relaxed feel compared to full suits, while still making you look fresh. Putting together outfits with separates also gives you a chance to showcase your individual style.


If you are looking to add some separates to your wardrobe, here are some pointers to making sure you always look A+.

  • The pieces of a full suit does not always have to be worn together. Wear them as separates for a chance to mix it up a little bit.


  • Always match pieces that fit similarly. Two loose fit pieces will look great, as will two slim-fit pieces. However, a slim-cut jacket and loose pants will not do anything for you.


  • Figure out what fit flatters your body structure the most, and outfit your wardrobe with pieces of that fit. That way, if you want to mix and match, you will have one less thing to worry about.


  • If you are not convinced of your color matching skill, begin by using neutral tones. A navy jacket is simple to pair – grey, brown, or tan trousers will probably fit well.


  • Later on, when you are feeling a little bit more confident about pairing, toss in a bit of color if you’d like. This is where separates can come in handy; you can add some personality without being overwhelming. When it comes to striking colors, the key is to keep the loud hues to only one pieces and toning down the rest of your outfit.


  • Light brown or navy slacks are generally great when partnered with a striking jacket.


  • Some coats can be paired with jeans. That being said, be picky about your pants. Most of the time, darker shades are better – and no ripped jeans!


  • This should be an obvious one, but always make sure your shirt is tucked in when you are wearing a blazer with slacks or denim.


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