Short-sleeved shirts are great for warm weather and casual uses. In recent times, it has been looked down on as people often style it poorly, resulting in a shabby look that should be paired with sandals and a fanny pack.


Nowadays, however, it’s coming back into style. The casual nature of this shirt makes it an ideal garment with which to try out colors and patterns. Of course, there are some things you must remember with any shirt, the main one being that you ensure a good fit. Short-sleeved shirts have two main places of focus – sleeves and shoulders. All shirts should fit well on your shoulders without constraining your arms or chest. Avoid any shirts that result in pull at the buttons. Shirtsleeves should cut off around the middle of your bicep, though you may be able to pull off rolling the sleeves slightly higher to go with recent trends.


Add some color into your life

The warm, casual vibe of summer is a great opportunity for you to experiment with fun outfits. Short-sleeved shirts often come in a variety of colors and patterns. Don’t be afraid to pick up a couple subtle gingham prints, or even a Hawaiian print if you’re feeling bold. Of course, be sure wear loud prints with more subtle bottoms and jackets.


The 50s are back in trend nowadays. Combine a vintage shirt with a leather belt, and add a necktie for a fun throwback. You could even grow a stache to really complete the look.


Pairing a top with a blazer and jeans

If you feel like wearing a blazer, but don’t want to wear a button-down, a polo shirt is a wonderful alternative. You’ll be comfortable, but you also won’t look shabby. Steer clear of wide striped designs as it won’t pair well with a blazer. Instead, go for solid colors or subtle stripes. With a well-fitting pair of jeans and some good white shoes, you’ll have a smart casual look.


When wearing polo shirts, be conscious of the fit. It should fit well on your figure, without being too baggy. The sleeves should fit to your arm and cut off halfway down your bicep. As always, fitted does not mean tight and constrained. The shirt should fit your chest snugly without being too tight, and the neckline should go no lower than the chest area. Avoid long, baggy polos – they can easily make you look shabby and slouchy.

Opt for a more casual blazer to pair with a polo shirt, as a formal jacket wouldn’t look good. Cotton or linen blazers are a good choice, giving you a more relaxed look while still pulling the overall smart casual vibe together.


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