A wonderful suit can completely transform the way you look and feel. Your shoulders will look wider, and your entire figure will look longer and leaner. Your waist will look trim and your confidence will be through the roof. Of course, that is assuming you’ve got a wonderful suit that is perfectly fitted to your figure. There are little things in life that feel better than a great suit. That doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire salary on a suit, however. Even a midrange off-the-rack suit can look incredible with a couple alterations. If you want to take your suit from zero to hero, keep the following things in mind.


  1. Keep your trousers hemmed

This is the most common suit malfunction that we see. Even men on the red carpet have been known to leave their trousers much too long. You don’t need to bare your ankles to keep with the times, but you shouldn’t be sweeping the floor with your hems, either. Have your pants cut at a length that brushes the tops of your shoes for a classic look that won’t get old.


  1. Ensure a good fit in the shoulders

While you’re wearing a suit, the jacket shoulders should fit yours snugly, without constricting them. If they are straining and forming taut lines, the jacket is too small. If the seams pass your shoulder line and end up drooping sadly, the jacket is too large. Even amazing tailors hesitate when it comes to shoulders. One blunder could ruin your entire suit. Therefore, if you are in the market for a new suit, make sure the shoulder fit is perfect. Other things can be modified without an issue, but the shoulders will be more of a challenge.


  1. Make sure the sleeves are the right length

This problem isn’t as widespread as floor-sweeping trouser hemlines, but still makes a big impact on your overall look. Many men wear suits that are as long as their knuckles. Jacket sleeves should allow for a quarter-inch to a half-inch of peeking shirt sleeves – just a small bit of cuff. Jacket sleeves that are even subtly too long will take away from your look. If your cuff buttons aren’t working buttons, it will be easy to fix. If your cuff buttons are working buttons, however, it may take a little bit more work and cost a little bit more, because the sleeve must be altered from the shoulder. Of course, the added cost is worth the upgraded look.


  1. Avoid the collar gap

If your suit jacket collar isn’t well-fitted to your neck, it will leave a gap between it and your shirt collar. This awkward gap can usually be fixed pretty easily by a tailor. If it’s a major gap however, opt out of the suit and keep shopping.


      5. Tailor the waist

The majority of suit jackets are designed with a “democratic” cut. This means that it can fit men who have a bit of belly. If you are not one of them, these jackets will look boxy on you. Have your tailor take in the waist slightly to give a more accentuated figure. Opt for a jacket that you can fit one closed fist between your jacket and shirt when the top button is fastened.

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