Today’s fast-fashion trend makes it easy to drop into a store, try on a few shirts, and leave with one that looks alright, all in ten minutes. It isn’t spectacular quality, but it’s pretty good. It’s cheap, too. Ready-to-wear shirts are convenient, yes, but haven’t you ever wondered if there was something better out there? Tailored shirts may take a week or two, but it’s going to fit you much better and give off a better impression.

Though tailored suits are definitely a hot topic, tailored shirts are often neglected. It may seem relatively simple and straightforward compared to a custom suit or custom shoes. Though that is true, it remains a pretty major topic because of the difference it can make in your outfit. It’s more than just custom fabric or embroidered initials. If you’re thinking about getting a tailored shirt, remember the following things:

1 – Select a good fabric

Custom shirts often become more about the look rather than the comfort. However, tailored shirts don’t just serve the purpose of making you look great – they are supposed to help you feel great too. Don’t just choose a fabric that has a pattern you like. Start at the material itself, taking into consideration the circumstances you will be wearing your shirt in. Is it for work where you’re constantly moving? Opt for a mix of cotton and lycra so you have a shirt that moves with you. Want more breathability? Choose a linen. There are tons of materials and fabrics and that you can choose from, and each are used in different situations. Choose based on your own needs.

2 – Make sure your arms have room, but not too much

Some people insist that wide armholes not only make room for your underarms to breathe, but also give you a greater range of motion. Don’t pay attention to these people. You should be able to move without stretching and straining the material under your arm. This only makes sense when the armhole fits your body well. If you sweat a lot, here’s a tip: Ask your tailor to put in another thin layer in the armpit area so there’s a little extra fabric to soak up the moisture.

3 – Think about your accessories

If you wear watches, bracelets, or other such accessories, it would be a good idea to mention it to your tailor so that they can take it under consideration. An oversized, bulky watch would require a little bit more room around the wrist. Button or French cuffs may not be a good idea, as they will get in the way of your watch. Consider shirt buttons and cufflinks as well. Choose wisely!

4 – Even out your shoulders

The vast majority of humans on earth aren’t symmetrical. You may have a larger foot, a smaller arm, or any other number of things. Most of the time, that’s perfectly fine. In dress shirts and suits, however, it’s better to even out your shoulder area so you look a little bit more even. Ready-to-wear shirts are almost all made for symmetrical body types, but the truth is that barely anyone actually is symmetrical.

5 – Pick the right collar

As you specify the features of the dress suit you want, pick a collar that works for you and your shirt. If you’re slim, you could try a point collar. A medium spread is better for those with broad upper bodies or short necklines. A wide spread is as formal as it gets, so opt for this if you’re getting a dress shirt for a formal event.

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