Bespoke tailoring has become a symbol of elegance and sophistication for a reason. It requires the craftsman incredibly laborious work to create a piece of art that fits your needs and looks you strive for. This will not only add to your appearance, but also your character.

People often find ways to look their best before measuring in for a tailored suit, or they feel that it’s mandatory to look a certain way to sport a good suit, which is not always the case. It is good to strive to be healthy, but to fit in a suit, you don’t need to starve yourself or work yourself too hard to achieve it. In fact, it’s one of the major benefits of having a tailored suit, is you can look sharp and professional regardless of your measurements.

Here are 3 key aspects of how a bespoke suit will get you the look you need. All of them work in tandem with one another, thus, it is important to not overlook any of them.


The fit

The saying “Hide your body in bigger clothes” should never be applied when talking about tailored suits. As having a suit that fits perfectly for you will look much better than wearing baggy suits that often make you look larger than you actually are.

Even though you generally have your approximate measurements of your jackets and trousers, it is mandatory that the details such as the sleeves and legs should be measured as well. There is an unwritten rule among tailors to leave about 1 inch of your jacket sleeve to show your shirt cuffs. However, this number is adjustable as you might enjoy a different length to enhance to look of your arm’s length.

The same idea with your trousers, as they should rest cleanly on top of your shoes, and not sag on them. This is very important to the overall look of the outfit, as the saggy pants will make your legs look shorter, and if they hang around your ankle, it just looks like you haven’t taken the time to buy a new pair of pants since high school.

The style

Your tailor can help you greatly with your style, as small alterations can make a world of difference for the overall look. This is the job of your stylist which will help you find a style that fits your look and personality.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend on men, as they begin to enjoy slim fit suits more and more. However, not everybody can sport a slim fit and look as good as the next guy. If you want similar look as the slim fit, but are not of that build, you could opt for tapered, slimmed down style which will give you that slim fit effect without it having to fit tightly around your form.

Additionally, you can also choose the style of the suit. For this case, the 3-piece suit can help shaping up your midsection down to your waist and hip, however, this is not the only option as the 2-piece suit would also work as well.


The cloth

The material and fabric should be taken into consideration anytime you’re thinking about having a custom made suit. You don’t want excessively thick fabric, as this would add unnecessary width to your body. This is the case where the lighter fabric will do a much better job. Additionally, darker colors also hide the body width better than lighter colors. Take this into consideration when you pick a color. We’d recommend a black, navy or deep grey, all of which go well with accessories with a lighter tone, which can be enhanced by the dark attire itself.

The pattern of the fabric should also be considered. For most cases, simple fabrics with minimal styles will give you the coveted elegant look. However, if you want to spice things up a bit, you could add pinstripe or herringbone to shroud some of the natural body shapes, giving you a slimmer impression overall.


Final words

Your appearance is a valuable asset when done right. While you trust your tailor with making the suits that fit you well, you should consult with them to let them know the small details that you look for, which will result in the suits being personally designed for you to suit you.

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