If you ever wore a suit, you know that some people just wear it better than others. Although there is a physical reason for this, as some might have a better body for suits, which put them above the competition. However, one of the reasons why their suit doesn’t look as good on them is due to their shoes not matching with the suit they’re wearing. This is a common issue, as many don’t know how to match shoes with their tailored suits.

Here is a short guide on what you should be doing to get your suit game on the next level.


Colours should coordinate well

You should always choose a pair of shoes that complements your overall attire. If the colors of your shoes and suits are in conflict, it takes away much of the effort of the tailor who worked hard to craft a piece of clothing.

The most common color of shoes are black, brown and burgundy, which go well with most suits. Some lighter shades such as grey, white or tan have to be picked for an outfit that calls for them, which requires more thoughts to pull off successfully. As a rule of thumb, your tailored suit should be matched with your shoes as follow:


Light grey suitsThese are very easy to work with, and thus are very popular among tailors. They go well with black, brown and burgundy shoes, as well as some other lighter shades as well.

Charcoal grey suitsFor a fashionable and professional look, charcoal grey pairs remarkably well with black or deep, rich burgundy. Due to its more restrictive natural pairing, charcoal grey doesn’t go well with brown shoes, so you should be mindful when choosing a color for your shoes.

Black suitsBlack suits are often more restrictive than grey ones. But a general rule of a black suit, black shoes do almost always applies, as it gives a more professional look, while not leaning towards overdressing. However, you can experiment with other colors in a more casual event.


Navy suitsNavy suits are very flexible in terms of color pairing, as they fit well with most colors of shoes. However, it is advised that lighter shade of burgundy that is closer to red should be avoided, as the colors could clash and takes away from the overall look of the attire. Additionally, blue shade shoes should also be avoided as the shoes and suit will not complement each other well.


Select the style carefully

Now that you have a general guide on color pairing, the type of shoes you wear with your tailored suit is also crucial to the overall appearance. This list contains the general rule of how to choose a style of shoes, but keep in mind that it is not definitive. Thus, you should learn more and experiment to get the best look you are going for.


OxfordsOxfords, as a whole, are very flexible. They are appropriate for pretty much all kinds of formal events that you need to dress up for. However, due to its simplicity and commonality, you could go for something more lavishing.

Loafers Loafers are more casual than oxfords, as they are designed to be easy to put on and comfortable to wear with buckles and laces. An important tip to pulling off loafers well is to make sure you have the right pair of socks, as often times, it’s not a good look to see a clashing colorway on socks with loafers.

Cap toesThese are more of a variation with the oxford or derby. The cap in the name refers to the piece of leather over the tip of the shoes. They add both styles and durability to the design, as well as a small creative space for ornaments and designs.

BroguesBrogues are generally a more ornate and decorated style of oxfords and loafers. They have the same functionality but might not be a fitting choice for more casual events, but perfect for those who are looking for an extra ounce of extravagance.

Monkstrap shoesMonkstraps can appear fancier than the other options, but if you learn how to pull it off, it adds a class that’s different than its competitors can’t match.  With heavy broguing and buckles, the monkstrap shoes definitely catch attention.


Opt for a rubber sole

Some traditionalists might argue that true elegant dress shoes only have leather soles, but in the context of a modern world, leather sole might not be the most practical option. Leather soles are not durable and they get worn down very quickly, which will require you to replace them every 2 weeks or so with regular use. This puts rubber soles much higher on the competitive scale. So it might be a good idea to save your leather soled shoes for special events.


For the ultimate luxury go bespoke

Admittedly, tailor-made shoes aren’t cheap, however, if you ever wear one, they will instantly be at the top of the list of the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear.

The process of handcrafting a pair of shoes takes around 12 weeks to finish. But the process includes measuring every angle of your feet to ensure that you get the best material and crafting method you want, while looking as stylish as possible. This means that you will get shoes that fit your feet perfectly and support your weight appropriately which can be good for your health as well. So it is highly advisable to have a pair of bespoke shoes in your wardrobe, as they will be a cornerstone of any well-dress nights you might have.

And that concludes the quick guide to formal footwear that will leave you looking sharp and professional instantly. It is as important to have shoes that go well with the suits as to have a custom-made suit at all! Thus, the next time you visit your tailor, be sure to not overlook the importance of shoes and consult with them on the best looks you can!

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