Romance eventually fades, and friends come and go. But do you know which relationship you should never take for granted? The one you’ve got with your tailor. If you haven’t got one yet, you’re seriously missing out. Your tailor will be the fairy godmother to your Cinderella. He can transform that boxy, oversized jacket that was all the rage in the 80s to a slick suit that will allow you to hold your own against Wall Street businessmen.

The confidence boost that you get from wearing a good suit is incredible. You deserve to experience that boost. Don’t settle for wearing stuffy, uncomfortable suits forever. Instead, look for a tailor who you can build a lifelong relationship with. We promise that it will be worth it.

Here are five reasons every man should have a tailor on speed dial:


He’ll give you a reason to stay fit

It’s easy to make winter an excuse to let yourself go for a while and just tell everybody that you’re “bulking.” Christmas is coming, and who’s going to say no to all the great food, right?

With a tailor, you may have a little bit more motivation to start on that summer bod a lot earlier than usual. After all, you wouldn’t want to grow out of your favorite trousers, would you? Perfectly fitting clothes are hard to find, and once a tailor has helped you create a pair that suits your dream body just right, you’ll have more of a reason to keep the fat off.


He’ll be there when you need him

There will inevitably come a time when the jacket you needed for a special event tears a seam on the day of. Rather than sneak out during lunch to grab your second choice, why not head over to your tailor so he can mend it for you? This is the kind of support you need in your life.


He’ll make sure you’re comfortable

Off-the-rack clothes are made with standard sizes in mind, so unless you’ve got precisely the figure of a mannequin, you are never going to find the perfect fit that allows you to move ever so comfortably. Whether it’s shortening your cuffs or taking in the waist, a tailor has got your back. This will make even your department store purchases look amazing.


He’ll know your figure better than you do

Have you ever purchased an outfit that looked absolutely incredible in the store, only to be devastated to find that it looks nowhere that good on you? We’ve all been there. Most of the time, it’s due to the clothing not being a good fit for your figure.

A tailor will be able to help you learn about the style of clothing that looks great on your body shape. Even if it doesn’t look quite right at first, a couple alternations can completely transform it. A few nips and tucks and maybe a little bit of tapering, and you’ve got a garment that fits your figure and yours alone.


He’ll ensure you look incredible

Tailors have worked with people of all shapes and sizes, and they know what works best for each. They don’t create and modify clothing to fit the conventionally ideal figure – the make clothes that fit real people. This means that your tailor will know how to make your clothes fit you right so that whenever you walk out the door, you feel as confidently dapper as you should.


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