Types of Suit Fittings

There are usually four types of suit fittings: classic, slim, regular, and skinny. While you have many options to select from, like the fabric, detailing, and stitching, correct fit is the key to a perfect suit. So, if you are planning to visit a tailor to design one for the next big occasion, discuss your preferences with him because unless you do so, you might get something entirely different from what you expected.

1. Classic Fit

A classic fit suit is generously cut through the chest and waist, which makes it comfortable to wear. The leg of the pants is not tapered and has an even cut. They are regular-fitted and sit well on the waistline. Even though the suit is not restrictive, it shapes the body well and does not look shaggy. A regular fit suit usually has the same cut too.

2. Slim Fit

A slim fit suit is fitted closer to the body without using up too much fabric. It is usually associated with European and Italian cuts and contours the body perfectly. The jacket has a tapered waist and the arm holes fit just fine, without constricting movement. The pants sit below the waist and are straight-legged, tapering down to the shoe. Slim fit suits are currently in vogue and fit all body types.

3. Skinny Fit

A skinny fit suit should be worn if you want to sport a model-in-a-magazine look. The fit of this suit does not leave any extra fabric and is quite restrictive. The jacket has a narrower chest, and the trousers have a narrow opening and a low rise.

Which Suit Will Look Good on Me?

A suit is a wardrobe necessity. Even though you might not wear it every day, you will need it on special occasions, like on a wedding, job interview, etc. It might get quite intimidating to buy a suit with so many brands and types available, and thus, you need to know what will look good on you based on your body type. If you have a tall and thin frame or a large build, you should opt for a custom-made suit from a tailor. Others can pick one off the rack of a store. You can also rent a suit of your choice that will fit you well.

Which is better: Custom made or Readymade?

Readymade suits usually come with a standard drop of six. A standard drop is a difference between the chest size of your jacket minus the waist size of your pant. If you are someone who does not fit into a readymade garment, make one from a tailor, rent, or get a readymade suit fine-tuned by your tailor.

How Can a Tailor Help?

If you take your rented suit to a tailor, you can only adjust the sleeve length or trouser length. However, if the suit is your own, you can make more adjustments.

Alterations that A Tailor Can Make:

Jacket waist, Jacket sleeve length, pant waist, pant length hem, and pant taper

Alterations that A Tailor Cannot Make:

Jacket body length, jacket shoulders, and jacket chest

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