Every man should have at least one suit in their closet. It should have a classic, traditional, yet timeless look. If this is what you’re looking for, a three-piece suit is perfect for you. Here are the advantages of getting yourself a three-piece bespoke suit:

The Suit Feels
If you’ve ever tried on a three-piece suit before, you know how that feels and looks; you know it’s incredible. When you get a custom-tailored bespoke set, you are about to get dressed up in the most comfortable and elegant of attires. A two-piece suit is fantastic, but adding a waistcoat adds just the little bit of ‘oomph’ that you needed. It will transform your already handsome suit into an elegant outfit. You will look a lot more put together, with an added slimming effect from the waistcoat. The extra layer will add depth and balance to your whole look. Want to look and feel amazing? Choose a custom-tailored three-piece bespoke suit.


Besides looking and feeling amazing, there are several other reasons to add a waistcoat to your suit. Unbuttoning your jacket to sit will still look proper with your waistcoat. It will hide any extra bulge you might have around your midsection and will also keep your shirt tucked so you always look sharp. Even without your jacket, you will still look suited up. Whether you’re standing up with your hands in your pockets or arranging your jacket flaps back, you will always look put together. In fact, you will look good at all times in a three-piece.

Custom Tailoring to Fit You Perfectly
Waistcoats or vests made to fit you perfectly will keep you looking handsome. It should be fit to fit perfectly down the sides of your body to create a sleek shape without lumps or bulges. It will still be breathable and comfortable as long as it’s tailored correctly with the material of your choice. A bit of your style can be included in your vest as well, as you get to choose the fabric and any other specific characteristics you might prefer. You should be able to wear this vest without a suit jacket and still look great.

Fashion Sense
There are plenty of options for suits depending on the occasion, what kind of statement you want to make, and your style preferences. As you can choose your own color combination, it’s crucial that the colors match one another. You can even wear the vest casually with some jeans, as long as the colors and textures are corresponding. Vests will look great with a tie or a bowtie, but can also be work without one.

They can work for any event, whether it’s a corporate event, more formal occasions, a wedding, or whatever else. Throwing a blazer on top of a vest will give you an even more classic look. You will look like a proper gentleman no matter what you pair a vest with. A three-piece suit is the choice for you if you are looking for a more put together, elegant look no matter what type of event you’re attending.

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