Custom bespoke suits are far superior to any other kind of suit. We all know it, and when you are getting fitted for one, you can truly feel it. Putting one on will make you feel confident and handsome. However, adding a bit of a personal touch is important too. Sure, you could add a tie and pocket square, but the best way to personalize your suit and make it look a little snazzier is by choosing a great pattern. Here are some popular choices:

Glen Check Plaid

This is by far the most common plaid pattern of all fabric choices. It was made popular by the Duke of Windsor when he was the Prince of Wales in 1926. Nearly a hundred years later, this pattern remains incredibly popular, and quite a few men continue to sport it in their outfits. It has a posh look to it, while still giving off quite a bit of stylish flair.

Tartan Plaid

This one is a little louder of a plaid and involves multiple colors in it. If you choose a more earthy palette, you can get away with looking posh as well. If you’ve ever seen kilt plaid, you know how tartan plaid looks like, since that’s the plaid we’re talking about here. This pattern originated from Scotland many years ago and will make for a dashing, eye-catching suit. This can be worn to formal events, but it will be very flashy, so as long as that’s okay with you, flaunt it!

Graph Check

This pattern on a suit can be a little difficult to see. However, it will add a subtle, more polished look to your suit. The small, fine, intricate lines of this pattern are closely stitched together and will sometimes be mistaken as a solid colored suit when really it has a light pattern on it. This is recommended for those who want to keep their suit minimalistic, but like the idea of adding some type of pattern or uniqueness to their outfit! This pattern is also great on dress shirts. If you’re not daring enough to go for a bold pattern quite yet, the graph check is a great place to start.

Chalk Stripe

This is also a well-known pattern that looks great on business suits. The pattern isn’t too crazy and will still make you look professional and put together. The thin lines running down your suit will compliment your skin tone and bring out the colors of the suit. This is great for more formal events and will look amazing in wool or silk materials, as well as blends. You can look elegant and well put together in this patterned suit. A lot of people know the chalk stripe as the pinstripe and chances are you’ve seen it several times before, seeing as it is very popular amongst suit enthusiasts. Small intricate patterns like this will spice up your suit and also make you look more elegant.

Madras Plaid

This is a commonly-seen pattern on suits that originated from East India. With this unique pattern, you can choose multiple colors for your fabric. It will give off a preppy, more sporty look to your suit. This can be worn to more casual events and in certain colors, can be worn to formal events. This pattern on a suit will most definitely make a statement. With the right fabric, this pattern can be worn in any type of weather.

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