A correctly fitted suit can effortlessly make a man look sharper, more stylish, and professional. However, there is a common belief that to achieve this, your suit should be skin tight. In fact, many men decide to purchase tailor-made suits with this “tight” notion in mind and end up hating it because becomes uncomfortable and restricts their body movement. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Suits come in a range of different fittings, so choosing the correct fit for your body is important. But how do you choose the correct fitting? Well, you’re in luck as this article will explain to you the three main categories of modern suit fittings (slim, loose, and standard) and how to choose the right one for you.

Slim Fit

This type of suit is modern, chic, and youthful. It will fit closer to your body, especially around the waist, giving you a contoured, defined look. Wearing a suit with this type of fit will make you appear taller and if you’re muscular, it will show off all your hard work. As for the jacket, the look is achieved by raising the armhole, narrowing the shoulders, and tightening the sleeves and cuffs. The trouser waist will be compressed and the hem shortened to cover your ankles. Of course, with all these reductions, there is a tradeoff between style and comfort. Although you will look nicer in a slim fit suit, it can be less comfortable to wear, especially when sitting down or moving around. This type of fitting is perfect slim/athletic builds and great for parties or special occasions.

Loose Fit

This is opposite to a slim fit suit. While you will gain a lot of comfort from wearing a loose-fitting suit, the excess fabric may make it look slightly baggy when worn (losing you some style points). Loose suits are usually cut with broader shoulders, looser waists and legs, lower armholes, and a longer hem. This type of fit is excellent for larger body types or as a working suit since you will remain comfortable spending long hours in it.

Standard Fit

A compromise between a slim fit and a loose fit, standard fitting suits incorporate the best of both worlds to provide style and comfort for the wearer. A standard fit suit has fitted shoulders, high armholes, waist suppression, and slightly tapered legs to create a comfortable, yet stylish suit. As the tapering is somewhat looser than a slim fit suit, it allows for better movement and conforms to the wearer’s body. This type of fit is ideal for almost all body types and occasions.

Which fit should I choose?

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of fitting, and although a larger person might consider a looser fit, they can still look good and add some shape by having the waist suppressed and tapering the legs slightly. In general, you should choose based on your body type and preference. To recap, Slim fit– slender/athletic build; Loose fit – large build; Standard fit – most builds.

The best way to ensure both style and comfort from your suit is to talk to a tailor who can help you determine the fitting that will be perfect for you!

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