Your wedding suit should be a garment with memories that you will carry with you forever. However, an outfit that memorable may not be of much use when it is just sitting in the back of your closet, forgotten. If you’re looking to get more use out of the best suit that you’ve ever worn, here are five occasions where you can reuse your wedding suit:

A formal networking event is the best time for you to break out the wedding suit from the back of your closet and take it for a spin. You need to look your best at these events, as you’re looking for a way to advance your career. What better ways to do so than to wear your best suit? Most wedding suits will have a more traditional spin to it, with formal colors, cuts, styles, and patterns, so the issue of formality is typically non-existent. If you have a three-piece suit, it’s a good idea to ditch the waistcoat and just go with a nice white dress shirt and a more reserved tie. If your wedding suit is navy blue, light brown leather shoes could work; otherwise, it’s better to stick with darker shades of brown and black.

Rooftop events are the best places to show off your style and personality, as the lighting, the atmosphere, and the crowd will make it possible for you to express your class and elegance. Your wedding suit is most likely one of the best pieces of clothing that you will ever own, and it goes without saying that it will represent your best look perfectly. You also have to consider that the lighting will change as the sun sets, so you will get to enjoy incredible in many different lighting situations!

Theatre events are the time to dress well. If you have ever seen these events in movies, you know that it’s when people come in their best suits and gowns to enjoy the entertainment for the night. Chances are that your wedding suit will be perfect for these events, as it will already have the class and formality to be suited to just about any formal event. You can add some small touches such as a pocket square, flower pin, or even a bowtie to switch up the look a little bit. Whatever you think will express your style without breaking the dress code, you can use.

Of course, you can wear a wedding suit for another wedding as long as you don’t outshine the groom. As mentioned, the wedding suit usually has no problem fitting with the formality of any event, so you can be sure that it’s a viable option for most weddings. The problem could be when the wedding has an unconventional dress code, as you may look out of place if you show up in a black silk suit. You can spice it up by adding some embroideries, a jazzy lining, and perhaps a few additional accessories that will help you better suit the dress code for the event.

It’s always a good idea to wear your wedding suit to an anniversary date with your partner, as the suit will both have the style and the memories of the wedding day attached to it. Wearing your wedding suit to a romantic date night is a way to show your partner that you still remember all the good times that you’ve had with them. On such a night, nothing else matters – just you, your life partner, and the night that the two of you are about to enjoy. Date nights like this will add even more sentimental value to the suit, and it will make the pieces even more precious for you and your spouse.

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