When it comes to a tuxedo, you may think that something this fancy wouldn’t make a staple in your wardrobe. You are wrong. Tuxedos are considered to be timeless, and a well-tailored tux can actually be more versatile than you initially thought. You can wear it to big events like prom or a wedding, and people will give you endless compliments on how well it fits you. Your personalized tuxedo may be just the thing to make your presence more memorable. There is also a misconception that a custom-made tuxedo costs far more than a regular suit, which is why most people opt for the cheaper option: renting. However, this article will tell you why you should buy a tux to keep as your own instead of going to a rental shop.

Get the Best Fit

Rental shops don’t tailor a new tux for every customer that comes in, and you will most likely not be able to find a tux that fits you perfectly. Even though they have your measurements, the best they can do is match them with a measurement size guide and then give you what they have. This also means that your rented Tuxedo will look just like anyone else’s — drab and without flair. On the contrary, custom-tailored tux will give you the perfect fit as well as higher quality. It will also let you add a little bit of personality to your tux, whether it’s the color or the lapel style. Either way, you will get yourself the best tuxedo that fits you like a charm.

Multiple Wears

Wondering how often you will get to wear a tuxedo? The answer is many times over. Any formal black tie event is an opportunity to wear your tuxedo. You can even wear it when going to places and events like an opera, a ballet, or a gala. Even for formal events, dinner parties, or casual visits to restaurants, you can still separate yourself from the crowd of suits by wearing a tuxedo. The possibilities are endless.

Special Outfit for the Special Day

Memorable events call for memorable outfits. You don’t want to show up to one of the most important events of your life such as your brother’s wedding looking unmemorable. Fortunately, a great tailor will know exactly what to do. They understand how important these events are to you, and they can help you make it even more memorable by tailoring you an unforgettable, custom-made tuxedo that you will remember for a very long time.

Tuxedos Are Worth a Splurge

Again, contrary to the general belief that a custom-tailored tuxedo costs more money, the fact that you only have to pay once makes all the difference. Renting a tuxedo means that you have to pay them every time for every occasion, and as mentioned above, there will be many. With the freedom to choose your own style and details, you will get a much better quality Tuxedo than what you will find in a rental shop. Better yet, it will be something that you actually want to wear and it will worth every cent.

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