If you are hoping to create more of a statement bespoke suit for yourself, you are making a great choice. Since your suit will be custom-made for you, you and your tailor can decide what will best suit your own personal style as well as your look. With the expertise of a professional tailor, you can create the suit of your dreams. When it comes to smaller details on a suit, you will have the option to make choices based on what you like. Thus getting a custom bespoke suit made for you will allow you to do more detailing on your suit. Here are some ideas for the smaller details you might want to add to your custom bespoke suit:

Add on some embroidery

You can get your name or your initials embroidered on the inside of your suit to signify that the suit was made just for you. This is a great little customization that will make your suit a little more special than everything else in your closet.

Customize with an inner lining

An inner lining with a pattern can be a great way to show off some of your personality or to match with your pinstripes, the bridesmaids’ dresses at a wedding or your tie. This can be a nice little detail that will express more efforts you put into the design of your suit.

Adding buttons

There are quite a few ways you can customize the buttons on your buttons. They are quite the small items on your suit, but you can make them stand out by using a different color for each button, or you can choose to add more buttons as well as remove some, depending on your preferences. You can also choose the material of your button to add a little more texture to your cuffs.

Put in working cuffs

Cuffs were originally made to allow surgeons to roll up their sleeves when so they could operate. It was a standard to have working cuffs on bespoke suits, which is a traditional look to a custom bespoke suits. Keep this tradition for a significant look and go for working cuffs on your suit jacket.

Try a colored melton

A melton will only be seen when the suit is hung up, giving you a great opportunity to get a little more creative with your suit jacket. This is also the perfect spot to add your embroidery detailing.

Choose a color for your stitching

Subtle colored stitching will compliment your suit well and will elevate it with a tinge of color as well as detailing. This small detail addition will add just a tiny touch to your overall look. It’s subtle, but it will stand out to those who pay attention to details. You will want to pick a color of stitching that compliments your suit color well or one that is a few shades darker or lighter than the color of your suit. This way, your stitching will stand out, and it will add a bit of a preppy look to your overall style.

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