If you are getting married and you want to incorporate your wedding colors into your dress code that goes with your chosen theme, you should want your bridesmaids and groomsmen to stick to it as well! There might be a lot of planning that will have to go into planning out this color coordination, but it will be worth it for the amazing ceremony and pictures in the end. Here are some tips to pulling it off:

Consider your options for customization

Whether you’re going for bright colors or soft pastels, you should also consider if you want your whole suit to match or just some specific parts of your suit. Make sure you speak to your tailor about your options for customization and about your thoughts or what you would like for your suit:

Show off your suit lining

This is great when you want to keep your suit classic and traditional, but still want to include the color theme with a little flash of it rather than making your whole suit in that color. Choosing a colored lining will also allow you to add a pattern to your combination so that you can put a little bit of personalization to it as well.

Color your buttons or stitching

These will be a lot less flashy but will show on the exterior of your suit. These small elements will be stylish and contrasting against the traditional colors of your suit. You will still look classic, but with a small hint of color that ties into the theme of the rest of the wedding.

Add some embroidery

Embroidery is a great way to add a little more of a personal touch to your suit jacket. Only you and whoever you tell will know about it, but it will also add some stiffness to your fabric. This embroidery will not be seen unless your suit jacket is hung up. Maybe you can use a thread to match the wedding color.

Customize your shirt cuffs

Make it so that your shirt cuffs match the wedding theme. This hint of color will stick out a little bit under your jacket and will still look elegant. This can be a minimal way to follow the theme but will make you look quite sharp and will somehow be contrasting, especially if your shirt is not the theme color, too.

Colored accessories to bring it all together

Ties and pocket squares are more obvious and will be the highlight of your suit, especially if they are the wedding colors. Not only will they contrast the traditional dark colors of your suit, but they will stand out and compliment the whole wedding venue. Add a little pattern to bring a little more customization to it.

Use complimentary fabrics

Whether you are going for a light color, a dark color, or a flashy color, make sure you choose a fabric that will compliment the room and the venue. Pastels look great in sheerer fabric whereas dark colors will look classic with a more solid fabric.

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