If you are about to get your first suit ever, picking between one made of wool and one made of Polyester can be difficult. Wool has been one of the most popular materials for suits for generations due to its texture and appearance, as well as the warmth that it provides. However, Polyester is a synthetic material, and it has been many people’s choice as an alternative to wool. If you can’t make a decision on which one you should get, reading this article should be able to help you choose! Here’s what you need to know:


Wool is a great choice if your concern is about getting a natural material for your suit. Wool is an incredibly breathable material. If you are looking for a suit that can be used in both winter and summer, you might want to give this material a try. We know that it is hard to believe that wool can cool you off during summer, but trust us, this material is just that amazing.

If you’re still worried about wearing a wool suit in a hot and humid climate, consider looking into a material called Tropical Wool. Contrary to the name, this type of wool has nothing to do with the quality or wool structure. Instead, it specifies that this type of wool has lighter weave than the wool used for cold climates. Tropical wool is sure to be more breathable and suitable if you live in, well, a tropical country.

Tropical wool might sound like a magical material. However, it does come with its downsides. The most significant one is that this type of wool has a shorter lifespan than traditional wool does. Still, this “short” life still adds up to more than 7 years of use. If you take care of your suit well, the lifespan of your garment may even be extended! On the other hand, a traditional winter weave could last up to 10 years.

If your tropical wool suit starts to smell bad, you are in luck because taking care of this type of suit is unbelievably easy. By hanging your suit in a dry and breezy area for some time, the unpleasant smell of your wool suit will magically disappear. If there is a particularly stubborn odor that just won’t fade, especially in the armpit area, taking it to a dry cleaner will solve the problem.

Polyester fabric

Before opting for polyester fabric for your suit, you need to keep in mind that it is much more flammable than wool. If you work as a pilot or have to drive a car for hours on end, you may want to stay away from Polyester suits. Another thing to remember is that this type of suit doesn’t breathe as much as wool.

The huge advantage of Polyester is its affordability and duration. If the primary concern when choosing between these two materials is durability, Polyester may be the best option. Moreover, it barely has wrinkle problems, compared to wool.

Now that you know the pros and cons of wool and polyester, it should be easier for you to choose the right one. If you still like both of the materials, there are many manufacturers that combine these two materials and create a suit that has wool and Polyester mixed together.

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