Finding a tailor in Bangkok isn’t difficult as there are more than a thousand of them for you to choose from. Although there are plenty of choices, not all of them will meet your needs in terms of quality and style. To find the right bespoke tailor in Bangkok, there are some things that you need to consider before walking into the store. Let’s take a look.


The famous Sukhumvit road has various types of shops along the street, tailors included. Although this area is full of tourists and expats, not every store is able to offer clothes of exceptional quality.

Some people assume that these shops are good because of all of the tourists that visit them. However, you should avoid going to the shops where tourists do if you want to purchase high-quality products. Places that you should stay away from are on Khao San road and some areas on Sukhumvit road.

Style advice

If you are new to tailoring, you need to find a good tailor who can give you advice on what is best for you. Regardless, it is also helpful if you study a little bit about tailoring beforehand. Some people say that a good tailor is a person who makes clothes according to your request. This might be true, but only partially.

Not only that they should listen to you, but they also need to be able to give you recommendations on what will work and what you need to complete the look. You might think that you know everything about fashion and tailoring, but it never hurts to keep their advice in mind.

There are many factors that a tailor needs to consider in making clothes. It is important to let them know about the occasion, style, and theme of the event that you are going to. Once the tailor has all of the information they require, they will be able to guide you and deliver the perfect suit for your needs. If what they recommend happens to sound a lot like a suit you already own, ask them for other ideas so that you can explore something new.

It can be quite difficult to figure out which shop has a good tailor if you don’t walk into it and ask a few questions. Sure, you could look online for reviews, but they are not always reliable. Walking into a store doesn’t mean that you have to buy from them. There’s nothing wrong with asking a couple of questions and seeing what recommendations they give you before you choose to either work with them or move on. If you know someone who works in the fashion industry or is an experienced tailor, it’s a good idea to contact them and see if they can suggest any shops for you.

Turnaround time

If you want high-quality clothing, you need to know how to wait. A tailored suit cannot be made well in a day. You can’t expect to get a bespoke suit as quickly as you could buy a ready-to-wear one off the rack. The procedures that go into making a suit require time and concentration. A masterpiece involves a number of steps, including shaping, pressing, stitching, and much more.

You might have to go to the shop a few times for fittings to make sure that the suit is able to hug your figure perfectly when it is done. The turnaround time varies depending on the type of material that you choose for the suit. If it is a standard wool blend fabric suit, you should expect to wait from 3 to 5 working days. If the material is more superior than that, you should get your final suit in around 6 to 12 working days. Don’t rush your tailor and every second that you spend waiting will be worth it when you get your suit.


Transparent tailoring shops will list their prices online or in-store for everyone to see explicitly. This means that they believe in their service and the materials that they use for the customers. It is recommended that you compare prices online if you don’t know the average price of different fabrics. Keep in mind that the tailoring shops that have in-house tailors will charge more than others because you have to pay for a well-experienced tailor and consistency.

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