It has become a common knowledge that colors have the power to influence conversation rates in business, or your ability to turn prospects into customers.

Unfortunately, the focus has been placed on brands and websites, when you can actually use your sense of fashion for this very purpose. You may not realize this, but a big part of why people are doing business with you is because they like you, and not just your brand. In other words, how you present yourself is as important as how you present your brand.

When it comes to personal branding, you have to showcase yourself in the best way possible. Whether you like it or not, first impressions are everything. If you want to form a good first impression on your prospective client – whether at your first face-to-face meeting or a video call – you want to make sure that your clothes will give off the right impression.

This does not mean that you have to dress the boldest and flashiest outfit to impress them. In fact, you do not want to distract your client with your clothes and risk taking their attention away from your main message. This can lower the effectiveness of your message, which in turn can hurt your pitch.

Applying Color Psychology

By applying the knowledge of color psychology to your business, you can influence your prospects’ perception of your marketing message and how they respond to it. While this can be difficult to pull off in business branding, it can be easily done with your outfit choices, particularly your shirts and suit.

High-Converting Shirt and Suit Colors

The most effective shirt colors for creating the best impact on your conversion rate include pink, white, light blue, and yellow. However, shirt colors that you should avoid are black, gray, brown, and green. While these colors are most likely not going to be a total deal breaker, they are still proven to lower your ability to turn prospects successfully into customers. For your suit, the best options are navy blue, charcoal gray, and black. These suit colors also work well with all of the high-converting shirt colors.

One thing that you need to remember is: avoid wearing patterns. Although they are favorable in some settings, they are not great for business. Patterns can distract your prospect and prevent them from properly soaking up your message. Therefore, you should only go for solid colors just to be safe.

A Few Words of Advice

In addition to knowing high-converting colors of shirts and suit, you should also understand where you can apply this knowledge as well. The colors mentioned are great to wear for marketing content, including pictures and videos. They are also suitable for other settings, such as interviews and presentations. Moreover, keep in mind that the opposite may be a better option for some situations. If you are working in the fashion industry, for example, bold and patterned garments may be more favored than safer colors. Thus, it is crucial that you understand the nature of your own industry and your target customers. This is so that you will know how to dress the right way to form a positive impression upon your first meeting.

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