Most guys are clueless when it comes to fashion. Some may have style, but true fashionistas will know that it’s all in the fit.

Getting the perfect fit is what will make or break your suit. Some may feel like maybe they’re not in shape for a suit, but in reality, because suits are made custom, you can get the perfect fit for yourself anytime. Here are some tips for men with the following body shapes:

Rhomboid Shaped
If you are broader on your chest and shoulders, you should slim your suit down at the waist. Men with this physique have it the easiest since your body type will fit naturally on anything they put on. You will look great in a suit but make sure you ask your tailor to give you the perfect fit that will be snug on your shoulders while flattering your overall physique.

Inverted Triangle Shaped
If you have a larger upper body, it can be hard to get a suit that doesn’t make you look top heavy. This means that you want to find something that will bring your torso and chest into balance. This calls for a double-breasted jacket because it will allow for better weight distribution throughout.
Try to avoid skinny pants since it will only accentuate your top half. You want to get your pants to look snug fit in some parts, but not so that it’s rubbing against you. Tight pants will only make your legs look skinnier than your top half, which is not flattering on most bodies. It is essential that you try to make everything look balanced.

Triangle Shaped Bodies
If you are the body type that carries their weight in your gut, you want to try to draw attention to your upper body. Some men with this body type might have wider hips. In order to dress this body type well, it’s important to keep things structured. Padding your shoulders will allow for a more built look in your upper body, which will take attention away from your midsection. Go for a design; vertical stripes are your friend.

The Rectangle Body Type
This is for our skinny guys out there. Tall guys rocking an even shoulder to hip ratio will fit under the category too. It might be hard to find a suit that won’t swallow you up, so you will want to broaden your upper body. Look for suits that have wider lapels, as this will draw attention and widen your midsection. Try to get your suit fitted so that only some parts are strategically looser, rather than having it look way too big everywhere.

Oval Shaped
For men with oval-shaped bodies, their weight might be distributed right around their stomachs. Try to follow the same rules as inverted triangle shaped guys, accentuating throughout your whole body. You should draw attention to your upper body with some shoulder pads and a comfortable fit in your shoulders.

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