When it comes to formal fashion, men don’t generally have a lot of choices, especially if they aren’t the fashion-forward type who loves experimentation. Chances are that you’ll wind up wearing a suit to any and every formal event. While donning a suit is a classic way to exude a certain manly elegance, putting together a flawless look that will make you the talk of the party can prove to be a challenge. There are several things to consider, from the right fit and color to the perfect tie pattern. Every single element goes into making sure that you look dapper.

But here’s where things get even trickier—when you’re required to wear a white suit.

Men usually avoid wearing white suits unless they are specifically told to. This is often a smart decision. After all, if you don’t nail the right fit and suit-shirt-tie combination, you risk looking like a bad Tony Montana rip-off.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry! We made this guide so you can shake that white suit dilemma off your shoulder. Shall we take a look?

Everything Starts With the Fit

You need to get a suit that’s right for your body shape. This is the golden rule regardless whether you’re wearing a white or black outfit. The seam that holds the sleeve should sit right on top of your shoulder’s joint. It shouldn’t be too square as well. The sleeve must rest right by your wrist – not too short as to expose your wristbones, yet not too long as to cover your knuckles. The opening must allow just enough space for your shirt’s cuff to peek out.

In terms of length, the suit shouldn’t be nor more than a few inches below the waist. If you button it up and it gets creased over your torso, then it’s too tight and you will need to select something in a larger size.

The Color Factor

So it’s been decided: you’re wearing a white suit. After getting the fit right, the next thing to nitpick about is the color and pattern of your shirt and tie.

Perhaps you’re under the impression that every color will look good on white. Sure, there’s some truth to this, but you should still give the color and pattern of the shirt and tie some thought. You don’t want them to clash or be too noticeable in a not-so-good way.

When picking shirt and tie colors, remember this: opposite colors create balance. Imagine a color wheel—the colors that are placed opposite of each other make the best combinations. One of the best things about wearing a white suit is that your shirt and tie can be a bright, stand-out color.

The Best Tie and Shirt Color Combinations

It can be easier to choose a tie before you look for a matching shirt. Here are a few ideas:

  • Navy blue tie – You can never go wrong with a classic navy blue tie. It suits practically any suit color or style and can be worn to any occasion, no matter the season. You can pair it flawlessly with a light blue shirt.
  • Red tie – If you’re feeling extra adventurous and romantic, why not try and see if a red tie works for you? It’s quite bright, but when paired with the right shirt color, it can very well help make you stand out among the crowd. A red tie will also go well with a blue shirt. The contrasting colors will prove rather attention-catching.

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