First off, congratulations! After spending years pulling all-nighters to finish subject requirements and making the library your favorite hangout place, you’re finally graduating!

While studying, what was your usual getup? Comfy t-shirts, casual polo shirts, and straight-cut jeans, perhaps? Probably some joggers and skinny pants on days that you were feeling extra fashion-forward?

Your graduation is the best time to “glow up!” Grab this opportunity to put your best foot forward in terms of fashion. After all, it might be long before you see your schoolmates after graduation. Better leave the school behind with a good impression of you, right?

In this article, we’ll share with you some ideas on what to wear for your graduation.

But wait, what’s the graduation dress code?

You might want to be adventurous and as fashionable as you can on your graduation, but hold your horses for a while. Usually, there’s a graduation dress code to follow. This in itself can already guide you on what to wear, but we’ll still help you in choosing the specific pieces.

Graduation dress codes usually lean towards formal wear. For men, you might be expected to wear a suit. If your school’s dress code doesn’t have specific reminders regarding color and other specifics, read on!

Graduation Suit

Suits are the go-to formal outfit for men. Indeed, opting for a suit when your graduation dress code doesn’t specify anything other than “formal attire” will be a safe fashion decision.

It’s actually up to you how you will bring together your suit. You can customize your pairings to suit your personality. A matching suit will naturally radiate a more formal vibe. Meanwhile, if you decide to play with color and patterns, doing so will surely make you memorable. But make sure you become memorable in a good way!

Regardless of the suit combination you’ll go for, it’s important that the suit fits you well. Make sure that you go to a tailor that won’t allow you to wear a badly-fit suit.

Graduation Shirt

A suit won’t be complete without a shirt. You can go for the classic white shirt if you don’t feel like being too adventurous. You can actually wear the shirt alone without a jacket if the dress code doesn’t require a full suit attire.

Aside from white, a light pink or blue shirt are also safe choices. They will work great with black or navy blue trousers, as well as any neutral-colored blazer or jacket.

Also, avoid going for a black theme this time. This is your graduation! It should be fun. Even if black is your color, you may want to try another color for your graduation day.

Graduation Jacket and Trousers

If your graduation dress code doesn’t require wearing a full suit, you can skip the blazer. Anyway, it can be a bit uncomfortable with still a blazer on if you have the graduation gown over your outfit. However, if you really have to wear a jacket, choose a clean-cut, simple blazer.

When it comes to trousers, it will also help to be as straightforward as possible. Go for black or navy blue.

Graduation Shoes

Of course, your shoes should match your clothes. Since this is a formal event, you’re better off going for dress shoes. Loafers make for a great choice. Brogues are another option to look at.

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