Whether you realize it or not, the way you dress says a lot about you. Not only does your outfit change the way you feel about yourself, but also how other people perceive and interact with you. In other words, you can put together an outfit that either allows you to express your personality or to create a certain impact. The latter is more strategic as you want to gain yourself a certain advantage. There are times when you want to dress in a way that conveys power, showing the people you are interacting with that you are superior in terms of authority, status, confidence, as well as competence. If you want your clothes to convey power without speaking a word, read on to find out how.

Defining the “Power Outfit”

A “power outfit” would tell others that you know what you are doing, that you don’t need to prove anything to anyone, and that you are the one in charge. This kind of outfit is similar to the one that you would wear to a job interview, as they share certain characteristics. The power outfit is most suitable for semi-confrontational settings such as boardrooms and courts of law. You may notice that most lawyers, politicians, and executives are also rocking the power outfit as well. 

Conveying Power With a Suit

As a man, the best way to project male authority and confidence is to wear a suit. It is as simple as that. A suit will never do you wrong when you want to show that you are in charge. By wearing a suit, people in the room will see that you are ready for some serious business. A suit also accentuates your masculine shape, projects status, and makes you appear more put together. In short, no one would question your authority, as long as you wear your suit well. 

How to Put Together a Power Outfit

If you want something serious-looking, you can never go wrong with a nice charcoal gray suit. In fact, when it comes to the best power suits, charcoal gray is even more favorable than classics such as deep navy and black. You can either opt for a solid or striped pattern. Choose a single-breasted jacket with a generous spread to accentuate your chest, which can help convey authority. Moreover, sharp and squared shoulders will make you look broader and more authoritative. Just remember not to wear padding that softens the line of your shoulder. While peaked lapels are not compulsory, they can make the front of your jacket appear slightly more aggressive. As long as the peaks are not overly flared, you can wear them confidently.

Apart from your power suit, you also need to pair it well with the rest of your outfit as well. A plain white shirt, black leather shoes, black belt, and a dark colored necktie with a conventional pattern are your best bet. Although red is the epitome of “power” when it comes to neckties, you should not limit yourself to it. A dark blue, green, or purple are also great choices to communicate authority, as long as the color is rich and deep enough.

Apart from being conservative, your power outfit should be flawless. Make sure that your suit is clean and spotless. The trousers should be free of any wrinkles or creases. Your jacket should be well-built enough so that it can sit on the body without slumping. Your shirt should be freshly pressed, as well as free of any staining and creases. Moreover, the collar points should be stiff and straight while the collar should not have any rolling or folding in the back. To achieve a more powerful look, add a plain white, pocket square with sharp peaks. It is an unspoken rule that the color of your footwear and belt should match, as well as your watch and other jewelry. A dress watch and cufflinks are the only accessories that you should add to your power outfit. 

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