Organizations with a flexible dress code provide employees with more options for daily wear. However, those working in organizations where suits are a daily requirement, fashion seems no more bland than what is required from them. If you are in this situation, you might also be concerned that daily wear may shorten your suit’s lifespan. Nevertheless, there are ways to give some spice to your uniform with the help of the following tips:

Change the shirt under your suit

One way to spice up your look even while wearing a suit every single day is to wear a different shirt under your suit. For example, you can wear a red-colored undershirt under a navy blue suit today, then wear something green beneath tomorrow. You can even experiment with different fabrics each day, with silk on Monday and Friday, cotton on Wednesday, and polyester every Tuesday and Thursday. You can also choose to wear different shirt styles on each day, rotating between a knitted polo, sporty shirt, or turtleneck collar.

Have a dark wardrobe of suits for a whole week

If you don’t have to wear one suit for three days straight at a time, it would be better to have a weeklong wardrobe of seven suits. With a weeklong supply of suits, you get to wear the same suit only once every week, giving your favorite much-needed rest. However, it would be easily noticeable if you switch from bright to dark colored suits or vice versa. At the same time, bright suits have the disadvantage of making your stains stand out more conspicuously. It’s best to stick to a set of seven suits that’s dark enough to conceal any stain so that your suit rotation goes unnoticed. 

Choose perennial fabrics

Perennial materials are great for ensuring that your suit doesn’t stand out too much, especially if you plan to wear it throughout the year. Perennial materials are appropriate regardless of the weather. Examples of perennial materials for suits include wool.

Include accessories

Aside from using different shirts, you can also try wearing different ties on the days of the week, as well as pocket squares. These seemingly small details can change the way you look even if you wear the same suit every day. You can also bring different suitcases and wear different hairdos.

Have a tailor make custom alterations

The way your suits fit your body may change over the year as you gain or lose weight. Thus, have a tailor alter your suit to reflect significant changes you will have in your figure throughout the year. After all, you don’t want to feel too soggy or tight. A snug-fitting suit would also look good on the outside, even if you use it every day to work.

Use different footwear

Another way to make your suit look “new” is to wear a pair of loafers without socks, especially during summer. You can also wear brogues to make your suit look different from the other days you wear it even though it is still the same color and style.

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