Many men steer clear of pinstripe suits in the fear that it will make them look unattractive and short. Others simply find that they can’t pull off the look, no matter how many times they get the pants and the coat altered in a variety of different fits and lengths.

Aside from the personal issues that people experience with pinstripe suits, the image of the suit style itself hasn’t done so well either. Most people link the suit choice with stone-cold corporate figures and bankers out for traumatic bank experiences. Aside from the bank manager association, people often perceive pinstripe suits to be a less stylish option because of famous personalities that were seen wearing it poorly, making it seem like the last option on the coat rack.

People might think that pinstripe suits are a lost cause that shouldn’t even be a fashion option, but the truth is that most of them simply don’t know how to wear it. Wearing a pinstripe suit fashionably is either a “you do, or you don’t” type of thing when it comes to learning how to pull it off. Pulling it off takes quite a bit of knowledge for every part of the outfit, from pant length to matching accessories. 

Understanding the details of a pinstripe suit

When it comes to wearing a pinstripe suit, there are a few key details to keep in mind when buying one and how you should wear it to pull the whole look off as best as possible. Here’s what you should know:

  • Pinstripe suits help with elongating the body: The vertical stripes on a pinstripe suit can create a slimming effect, which is perfect for anybody who needs to look taller in photos or in person. If you’re an already-tall and slim man, however, getting a pinstripe suit may make you look much longer and flatter.
  • The width of your stripes can influence the whole look: Wider lines can pull off a stunning look that would go great with taller and longer figures that can’t afford to look any longer to minimize the slimming effect by adding an illusion of weight to the figure. On the other hand, thinner stripes, as previously mentioned, can make certain figures and body types look much taller compared to conventional black suits.
  • Your suit’s fit is vital for the overall execution of the look: Having a pinstripe suit that doesn’t fit you well will make things worse and turn your suit choice from suave to blob. Getting a pinstripe suit isn’t just about the stripe width and length, but also about how the pinstripes come off looking like when it’s time to put the suit on. For this aspect, it’s crucial to go to a tailor to make sure the jacket’s shoulders and mid-section fit perfectly. It’s a good idea to also have the pants tapered and cut a half-inch below the ankle for a perfect-fitting suit.

How to wear your pinstripe suit the right way

Now that you’ve got your suit’s fit out of the way, it’s time to focus on what accessories and other essential parts should go with the entire outfit. For the dress shirt, tie, and pocket square, consider bolder colors to push the limits of what your suit can handle for a more stunning finish. 

Options like paisley pocket squares, patterned ties, and subtly-patterned dress shirts will do well with a pinstripe suit. However, if you aren’t up to going all-out on the patterns of the supporting shirts, it’s a good idea to go for having one core suiting item in a solid color to have a more cohesive finish that will be easier to pull off.

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