When you need to attend a formal occasion, a suit is often a must. However, after the event, most people keep their suits away, and this is a big mistake. Some suits, like the navy suit, are versatile, and you can wear them even in a non-professional and non-formal environment.

Here are five ways to wear your navy suit for an impressive look:

1. For formal occasions

Navy suit has grown in popularity in recent years, breaking the dominance of the classic black suit. Partner it with a white crisp cotton shirt with light patterns and a silk tie with a solid color of dark blue, grey, or red. If you choose a patterned tie, the design should not be too bold.

Put a straight fold white pocket square, which will look great with the white shirt. Wear classic shoes with minimal details, such as a brown whole cut or oxford cap toe shoes, paired with a navy or black socks.

Details are kept to the minimum to keep a classy and sophisticated look that is best for professional and formal occasions.

2. For a business casual occasion

Navy suit can look classy and contemporary at the same time. For a great business casual look, pair it with a patterned shirt without a tie. You go with patterns of gingham, herringbone, or plaid. The patterns will make up for the missing tie, and since blue is a neutral color, it can go well with patterned shirts. 

Use a colored or patterned pocket square that will not clash with your shirt. Wear light brown brogue shoes and patterned socks for a fun vibe.

3. For creative look

When you want to show your creative vibe, wear a navy suit partnered with shirts with brighter colors and patterns. You can go for a floral or polka-dotted shirt, with a plain white pocket square and no tie. The collar can be buttoned up or left open. If you want to wear a tie, it should be in solid color.

Wear gray suede loafers and no-show foot socks. You can also wear simple yet stylish casual shoes.

This combination balances the creative and business casual look.

4. For hot weather

Navy blue can bring a refreshing look during summer when the temperature is high. To have a casual look, wear your navy suit with a trouser that has no break. On the inside, wear a white short-sleeve polo shirt or plain V-neck shirt, and add a patterned square pocket. Slip-on penny loafer and no-show socks will also look great. This casual look is perfect for a fun night after work.


Instead of keeping your navy suit away after wearing it once at a wedding, there are many ways you can make the most of the suit. The navy blue color looks good on everyone. Whether you need to dress up or down, a navy suit is your friend. It’s a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe.

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