Do you have a special event coming up, but you worry about wearing a suit because you’re not used to it? Fret not. Even though you are not a polished celebrity or a famous rich person, you can still look dashing in a suit. Just follow these rules:

1. Your suit and trousers should fit

Wear a suit and trousers that will fit you perfectly. An ill-fitting suit will make you look poorly and unprofessional. However, a perfect fit suit will make you look neat and edgy. The shoulder pad should end at the shoulder, no gap between your shirt’s collar and suit’s lapel, and the suit should be long enough to cover your zipper and butt. Your trousers should sit just above your shoes.

2. Undo the bottom button

Always leave the bottom button of your suit open. Aside from making you look stylish, it is also practical. With the button undone, you are less restricted so you can move around or sit comfortably. If you are wearing a vest, also keep the bottom button unbuttoned.

3. Wear the right tie

Wear a tie that is darker than your shirt. Base the knot on the size of your head. If your head is small, a half Windsor knot is the way to go, and full Windsor knot for a bigger head. The width of the tie should match the lapel of your suit, and the length should be just above the waistband of your trousers or a little shorter.

4. Expose your shirt’s cuffs

Expose up to half an inch of your cuffs, and always button the top button of your shirt. Make sure that there is no gap between your shirt’s collar and your suit’s lapel; otherwise, you have an ill-fitting suit.

5. Match colors

Choose shoes and a belt that will complement your suit. Shoes with darker colors go well with navy, black, and grey suits, and lighter colors will go well with warmer shades. The belt should be the same color as your shoes and should be fairly thin. Do not wear a belt if you are wearing braces. Your socks should be long enough so that your legs will not be exposed when you sit.

6. Finishing flourishes

Add a square pocket that has a different pattern and fabric than your tie. A dark square pocket will go well with light-colored suits. Wear a formal dress watch, and never partner your suit with a sports watch. You can also wear cufflinks and a tie pin.


These are the basic rules when wearing a suit. Follow these tips, and the suit will look perfect on you, giving you a sharp and smart appearance. Finally, be confident, and you can pull it off together.

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