When it comes to suits, a bespoke one should be on the top of your list. After all, it blows ready-to-wear options out of the water by being exclusively for you! As the name suggests, the word “bespeak” refers to a client custom suit order that can’t be ordered by others as it has already been “spoken for.” In most cases, a bespoke suit is cut by an individual and created by a highly-skilled craftsman entirely by hand. A bespoke suit entails quality, fit, and style.

The question we should be asking today is, “Does a man make a suit, or does a suit make a man?” When considering an investment in a bespoke suit, many people set weight loss goals, thinking that they need to lose weight in order to look good in it. 

What if it’s the other way around? After all, a bespoke suit will be made to fit your body perfectly in the first place. You can rely on the help of a tailor to craft a suit that flatters your silhouette. He or she can tailor an outfit according to your body type and measurement, regardless of your size and shape. After all, that’s precisely what he or she was trained to do. 

Still concerned about looking like you had too much dessert? Below are the three F’s—-the aspects of a bespoke suit that can make you look slim—fit, fad, and fabric.


Let’s start off by taking a look at the fit of a suit. As with any piece of clothing, the perfect fit will flatter your body as it will neither hang off your frame nor cling too tightly to your midsection. Wearing larger clothes can only make you look bigger. On the other hand, donning too tight or too small for you can make you look bloated. Nothing beats a perfect fit when making a difference in your overall look and appearance. 

When a bespoke suit is made, a tailor will measure and ensure the right width of the jacket and trousers. He or she will keep in mind as well the length of the sleeves and legs. Remember— your suit jacket should come to your wrist and allow for an inch or so. Allow for a medium break on your trousers so they can rest comfortably on your shoes. If you’re working with a wonderful tailor, rest assured that your tailor knows what works for you and can help you look a little bit slimmer than usual.


The next on the list is the fad. This pertains to the style of your suit. Small alterations need to be incorporated to have a say in the way the final suit looks. That is where the style of the suit comes into play.

In recent years, the slim-fit has been an ‘it’ thing for most gentlemen and is a popular choice for those going bespoke. Unfortunately, most slim-fit ready-to-wear options run very much too slim for the average man. If you don’t have a slim physique, you can have suit jacket sleeves slimmed down and the trouser legs tapered to your body. This will help streamline your complete outfit altogether. Do you prefer a more classic look? Opt for a different cut. It’s bespoke—it’s your choice!


Finally, the fabric of the suit should be deemed with the utmost consideration. The cloth of your suit will make a difference in how the final product looks and feels.

First off, you want a suit that isn’t too thick. A lighter material will eliminate unnecessary width and allow better flow through your body. Second, the colour of the fabric can make a difference to your look as well. Darker colours can make you appear slimmer than usual. You can choose a slick suit in either black, navy or even a dark grey. Finally, the pattern of the fabric needs to be considered, as well. As a suggestion, opt for a simple material, and this will create a minimal yet elegant look. 

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