Suits are considered the ultimate male status symbol, but wearing them can often feel repetitive. While it exudes class and swagger, just sticking to the basics can make for a lackluster design. Fortunately, there are various ways to liven up your look without spending a fortune or overdoing it: spruce it up with stylish accessories to bring a pop of color, pattern, and playfulness into the seams. 

The right choice of accessories has the power to break up the monotony of your everyday formal wear, add personality, and elevate your style to the next echelon of fashion. The small details can also embellish your attire and add a sleek finish to the entire look than a simple tie and lace-up. To that end, here’s a complete guide to accessories that every dapper man should consider: 

1. Pocket Squares

Pocket squares can enhance your attire as it adds a subtle charm and elegance to the whole ensemble. The silk and cotton pocket squares come in various sizes, colors, and patterns of your choosing, most of which strike a balance between comfort and style. 

One way to utilize this accessory is by matching the color with your tie, but if you’re going for a more adventurous route, you can also opt for a different shade or pattern to go against the grain. Either way, pocket squares can show off your taste. 

2. Ties

A gentleman’s suit won’t be complete without something to tie it all together, which is why ties are an essential piece in your wardrobe. It typically comes in solids, stripes, patterns, and woven, and your choice of style depends on the look of the suite. For instance, a woven or solid tie will complement better with a striped suit. 

While experimenting with bold prints can enhance your look with pocket squares, ties are less flexible as it serves as a visual point of interest in your outfit. This means that it’s best to choose no more than three colors to prevent it from looking too busy and clashing with the rest of your accessories. With that in mind, the less clashing colors you have, the more formal your ensemble will be. 

3. Tie Clips

If you’re looking for a small detail that can significantly up the ante of your suit, tie clips are the perfect accessory to do just the trick! Beyond adding a sleek touch, it’s also practical for its ability to keep ties from creasing. It comes in multiple colors, though silver and gold designs are the more popular choice. 

Don’t forget to clip it on with the golden rule in mind: the color of the tie clip should match your belt buckle, pen, and watch. Additionally, it should not be wider than your tie. To that end, tie clips are a must-have accessory as it is functional as it is fashionable.

4. Belt

The belt is an essential piece to any suit as it completes the look, though keep in mind that it should not be regarded as a necessity. Trousers or suit pants should always be well-fitting, meaning that it should adequately sit on your waist without the need for a belt. 

With that in mind, your belt should serve as the front-and-center, especially when sporting a suit with a tucked-in shirt and opened up blazer. 

5. Watches

A smartwatch can go a long way in making a fashion statement. Whether or not you’re wearing a suit, it can add elegance and sophistication to your look. It’s also a practical piece to wear as it eliminates the need to check your phone now and then to tell the time. 

Not to mention, its aesthetic value and classic style make it a necessity in every suit and tie ensemble. Avoid bulky watches as it can break the clean lines of a suit, while sports watches with metal straps are better for a more casual look. To that end, classic, minimal designs with white or black-faced watches work best for formal occasions. 

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