It may sound unfair, but the best-dressed people command attention and respect. Those who suit up powerfully leave a strong first impression on everyone they come into contact with—human resources professionals and beautiful ladies alike. However, you’re wrong if you think that you can’t dress like a rich person. Here are five ways to dress to the nines without breaking the bank:

1 – Wear clothes that fit right

Affluent people don’t settle for mass-produced clothing. They opt for made-to-measure attire that fits their bodies just right. However, it’s no secret that the skills of a bespoke tailor don’t come cheap. You will have to be patient in scouting department store racks as you seek mid-range clothes that hug your body just right.

If you can’t find that perfect fit, simply purchase clothes according to the design you like and take it to your local tailor. In-store sewing services in department stores and major retailers are unreliable. Instead, have your neighbourhood outfitter alter the clothes. It’s better to have fewer clothes that fit than having plenty that don’t.

2 – Learn drape and sheen by heart

Cheap fabrics cause undesired creases while you are in action. Avoid such materials and look for fabrics that will not drape stiffly off your body. This material allows you to move freely without being conscious of your clothes looking unpressed.

Meanwhile, go for clothes with a low sheen or reflected light because they make you look richer. Take care of them, especially when ironing. Any garment can become glossy if pressed at a high temperature or if the iron is putting weight on one spot for too long.

3 – Avoid obvious branding as it looks cheap

While certain brands do cost an arm and a leg, wearing something covered in big logos cheapens your overall look. You don’t want to be a human billboard, do you? Why brag about what you’re wearing if you feel confident in the outfit? Aside from looking cheap, big logos can be a distraction while talking to someone. It’s always better to purchase suits or jackets that have hidden or concealed branding. The smaller the logo, the better.

4 – Zip it up

Wardrobe malfunction is a sure way to ruin your outfit. Sometimes, it’s the smallest item that can create this discomfort. You can prevent being the centre of unwanted attention by choosing clothes with YKK zippers. The branding of such zippers are typically not noticeable at first glance, but they hold well in preventing you from being the centre of attention. RIRI zippers are a dependable alternative because of its smooth pull. These zippers convey that the manufacturer is not taking any short cuts in producing quality garbs.

Meanwhile, mother-of-pearl buttons add a nice accent to your attire as compared to plastic and horn buttons. Dress shirts with French cufflinks are as elegant as the ones with barrel cuffs but not as expensive. These small details indicate that you are willing to spend a few more to look affluent.

5 – Look for fortified stitching

More stitches per inch strengthen the seam, making the suit or shirt last longer. Hand-stitched clothes also have more stitches than machine-sewn ones. The tighter seams indicate a quality attire that will last long. Assess the seams of the clothes you plan to buy. After all, you will end up spending more once a shirt or a suit with fewer stitches gets ripped.


When you need to make a first good impression, pay special attention to the way you dress. Your clothes do, to some extent, tell people who you are. Dressing to the nines isn’t only for rich people. By choosing the right fabrics, zippers, stitches, brands, and fits, you’ll pull off a perfectly put-together look with ease!

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