A pocket square might be just a small detail in your style, but it can make a huge difference in your looks. A pocket square can refine your looks, and there’s virtually no situation that it is inappropriate to wear one. Heading to a formal event? Wear a pocket square. Wearing a casual blazer? Add a pocket square.

Here are some tips on how you can create your style with pocket squares:

Different pocket square fabrics

There are various types of pocket square fabrics, which makes it pretty versatile when it comes to styling. A white pocket square or white handkerchief can be used for casual or formal attire, depending on what you are wearing. It is always elegant and the easiest one to wear. The small size is often preferred because it is unlikely to puff off. White pocket squares work well with any clothing, so you can never go wrong with this.

Pocket squares with herringbone pattern are often made of silk fabric that makes it dressier. Solid colors are easier to match, but you can use other designs that go with your clothes. Some prefer paisley patterned pocket squares because they are unusual in men’s clothing. So when you have a solid jacket and a striped shirt, you can have a patterned tie and wear a paisley pocket square.

Pocket squares with a striped pattern are usually hard to pull off because the lines can go against your clothing. So you need to be careful with this one.

Rules on choosing pocket squares

When choosing a pocket square, pick a secondary color from your shirt or tie. Be careful with the patterns, making sure that your pocket square works well with the pattern of your clothing. Your tie and pocket square should not directly match. Pocket squares are meant to complement the rest of your look, which is why you should pick one that is in contrast or in harmony with your other accessories.

There are also different ways to fold a pocket square, which depends on the occasion you are attending. Stick to the flat fold or a two-point fold for a formal event. A classic puff fold works better in a more casual affair.

Pocket square styles

There is versatility in wearing pocket squares, which is one of the great things about it. You can use a conservative style wherein the pocket square is subtly placed using a flat fold. Usually, only half an inch is visible.

When you want to make a style statement, go for the flamboyant style. Use high contrast colors and a puff or reverse puff fold to draw attention to them.

Pocket squares are perceived to be for formal wear only. However, you can actually wear one even without a tie. It adds flair to your casual wear of an open shirt and jacket.

You can wear pocket squares regardless of whether you are dressing up for a formal or casual event. It accentuates your looks and adds flair to your overall attire. Just keep in mind the rules on how to choose a pocket square and the proper way of wearing it, to ensure that it makes a positive difference in your style. You want to draw attention to you for the right reasons.

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