Every detail counts when it comes to wearing a suit. You might be highly critical of your suit jacket, trousers, and a pair of leather shoes and be wary of how they all complement each other – from head to toe. Two things which can’t be ignored as well are your tie and pocket square. 

In some cases, gentlemen might be wondering how to match their tie and pocket square. As a rule of thumb, you have to pay particular attention to how they look together. Also, consider the color, design, and fabric.

Getting your tie and pocket square right conveys a message that you take pride in your appearance. It means you’re dressing up with the utmost care and consideration, which can augment your overall appeal and appearance. Ultimately, it’s a mark of respect for yourself and those people around you.

Here’s how to match your tie and pocket square based on color, pattern, texture, and style:

Matching Ties and Pocket Squares

Sure, you can get by wearing a tie without a pocket square, and that’s acceptable. However, adding a pocket square gives flavor to your overall look and appeal. Yes, you can wear a pocket square with a bow tie or tie.

As a general rule, you have to make sure that everything’s complementing each other. Start with your tie and make sure it matches your jacket and shirt. Then, add a pocket square and ensure that it matches your tie. Let’s dig deeper into the subject.

  • Colors: They play a vital role in your overall outfit. It’s essential to understand color coordination to pull off the right combination and look. Remember that the color of your pocket square should complement the color of your tie, but they do not necessarily have to match exactly in color. If you aren’t sure, use a plain, white pocket square as this classic fold works with any outfit. Also, if you wear a bright tie, don’t wear a bright pocket square and the other way around. If your tie or pocket square is a neutral color, the other can be any color as you wish.
  • Patterns: They add style and appeal to your overall outfit. However, you should be careful when experimenting with patterns. This is because matching different patterns requires courage and expertise. Remember to keep it simple until you’re confident with patterns. If your tie or pocket square has a pattern, the other should be a solid color. If you decide to wear both with a patterned, then make sure the pattern proportions vary.
  • Textures: This and fabric are often misconstrued. It’s essential to know that texture is less noticeable than color. However, it still has a significant effect on your appearance. It also determines how you have a developed sense of style over time. Now, as a rule of thumb, you can use textures to create a more casual look. Smooth fabrics, such as silk, on the other hand, create a dressier look. The fabric of your pocket square and tie can match. However, the fabric of your pocket square should differ from that of your suit or jacket. 

Do you see how a tie and pocket square work wonders for your overall suit and look? It’s a matter of knowing how to match them and incorporate the right color, pattern, and texture. Following the guidelines given will keep you on the right track. 

Ultimately, it’s all about taste and style, particularly when it comes to wearing a suit, and matching a tie and pocket square.

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