You may not wear it every day, but it still pays to know how to properly attach a boutonniere to a tuxedo or a suit jacket. While it was used more frequently in the past, this decoration is a common sight in proms, homecomings, and weddings. 

This guide will teach you how to use one and which flowers work best.

A flower is a manly touch

Not many people understand the particulars of a gentleman’s fashion. They cannot explain why pocket squares in a jacket are preferred and why cufflinks and shirts must match. Pleats on trousers can be a huge mystery for them as well. While all these small details make a man look more respectable, most men tend to veer away from these style tips that make their outfit elevate from simple to elegant.

The boutonniere is one of the accents that they often disregard. They don’t fully understand how the buttonhole works, and they don’t utilize the stitches on the left jacket lapel. 

Here are some guidelines on wearing a flower in that part of the suit.

Wear the flower with pride

Don’t annoy your family by refusing to pin a flower during a special occasion because you think it looks feminine. Instead, wear it with pride like a true gentleman. However, avoid pinning the flower to the lapel because it will be detrimental to the garment. Pinning the flower is like wearing clip-on neckties, or pocket squared formed by cardboard. A gentleman who is committed to dressing up well knows the purpose of the buttonhole. In contrast, do not wear one if it is closed or non-existent. Also, take note that pinning it directly to the suit can damage the threads of the suit.

Use one when it’s appropriate

Some men may feel doubtful wearing one while others love to wear it all the time. A flower is most appropriate during professional business meetings or black-tie events. Just image the flair points you can get when you arrive with a flower on your lapel. On the other hand, it’s not advisable to wear the same attire if you are working at a workplace that encourages casual clothing.

Wear it with a pocket square

Most men will agree that a suit without a pocket square feels empty. If you’re not comfortable with this get-up, a white pocket square with white carnation will go well with almost any shirt or necktie.

Be confident while wearing a boutonniere

Don’t pay too much attention to the boutonniere by adjusting it occasionally. Just leave it there and fix it when it is tilted sideways. Once you install the boutonniere, use it to attract positive attention. Let the flower be the source of your confidence, and don’t remove it unless it is significantly damaged.

Best boutonniere flowers to use

Blue cornflower, red or white carnation, and gardenia are the flowers often worn in the buttonhole as social etiquette guidelines often dictate. If any of those are not available, you can use a flower that doesn’t look too big and still matches your suit. Ask other men about the flower they are wearing, especially if it is a perfect complement to his attire. Tea rose can be an excellent alternative to a dinner jacket as well.

Wear a suit that exudes elegance

Pre-made suits are a fantastic option to exude elegance, but they often don’t hug your body well. That’s why going to a suit tailor is the best way to guarantee that your suit will fit you. Contact a dependable tailor now so that you can have your body measured for a bespoke suit that will make you the king of the night.

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