Those who are ignorant about suits cannot tell the difference between a bespoke and a made-to-measure (MTM) suit. The confusion stems from the claims of some made-to-measure tailors that they offer bespoke services to elevate their brand. 

To avoid confusion, here are three ways to differentiate bespoke and made-to-measure suits.

1. Check the pattern

Made-to-measure suits are pre-set patterns that can be bought off-the-rack. However, these ready-to-wear suits may not fit certain body types. If you purchase a size 42 suit, the sleeves and the trousers may be a bit longer. You can bring the suit to a tailor if you want to bring the midsection in or create a break in your pants.

Bespoke suits, on the other hand, are the perfect fit because its specifications depend on your body measurements. The uniforms feature unique patterns based on the client’s dimensions, making it the preferred option for individuals with deformities or imperfections. Bespoke tailors can adjust the attire to mask these features. That level of customization and comfort is something that cheaper MTM suits cannot provide.

2. Based on the exact fit

It only takes one or two fittings to create a made-to-measure suit. The tailor can design a draft after getting your initial dimensions, and the next fitting occurs to make sure that the suit meets the client’s measurements and customizations.

Meanwhile, bespoke suits require multiple fittings because there are no patterns to follow. The measurements start with the baste fitting, followed by the forward fitting and fin bar fin fitting. However, the bespoke route is not the ideal option if you want your suit to be ready as soon as possible. The systematic process of creating bespoke suits will need up to 25 measurements and up to eight weeks for production. 

3. Degree of customization

You can customize made-to-measure suits but not to the extent of bespoke ones. Ask your tailor to change the cuffs, pockets, and pleats of your suit. The lapel’s width, button stance, and gorge height can also be adjusted, but the MTM is still based on a specific pattern. Compare that to a bespoke suit that can undergo unlimited changes to meet the client’s preferences. With bespoke suits, you can select the features, design, style, and fabric of the suit without worrying about destroying a pre-set pattern.

Quality suits from Thailand’s best tailor

Head over to Nickermann’s Boutique Tailors for the best bespoke suits. With over three decades of experience, they only create hand-crafted suits of utmost standards. Their meticulous process starts from booking an appointment to avoid wait times because they deal with an extensive list of clients. During your first visit, you will choose a fabric and design the suit according to your preferences.

The designer will sketch your description, and you can add linings and embroideries to make your suit stand out. After taking your measurements and fittings, Nickermann’s will start creating your bespoke attire and contact you once it’s done. They will also keep your measurements if ever you’ll require more suits in the future.

If you’re looking to get a bespoke suit or a custom-tailored suit in Bangkok, get in touch with Nickermanns Tailors today! We’re happy to help.

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