Polo shirts are iconic and versatile options for business casual wear. It exudes more class than shirts, and you can match them with various pants and fashion accessories. However, it’s not advisable to use polo shirts in formal wear because their flimsy collar may not look well with suit jackets. 

Here are different ways to wear your polo shirt and combine it with your wardrobe. Following these measures will improve your style and save time in choosing attires that match.

The sporty look

This style is perfect for warm weather because it makes you look smart while moving freely. You can achieve this vibe by combining a white polo shirt with khaki shorts and brown boat shoes. Jazz up this basic look by wearing a watch with a multicolored strap or a fedora hat to deal with the hot weather.

Take note, however, that you can’t just wear any shorts available in your closet. Select shorts that are comfortably loose but not baggy and are only within or slightly above the knee. Accessorize your shorts with a brown belt to provide division from the shorts and the polo. Likewise, no-show socks compliment your shoes best.

Summer casual

This neat style is ideal when you’re attending a dinner party at a friend’s residence or going for a casual date. Achieve this classic look by wearing a blue polo shirt and black linen trousers. Combine that basic look with brown loafers, no show socks, and a brown belt. You can add sunglasses if it is a morning activity and a watch to add elegance. If you want to play with your look, you can experiment with patterned socks or a hat.

Casual suit look

Go for this attire if business casual wear is required and if you want to command respect with your suit. Wear a blue polo shirt and combine it with a light gray suit. A brown belt and a wristwatch are lovely accents to your style, while loafers will complete your power look. You can wear no show socks only if the company dress code allows it. You can replace the brogues with sneakers if you’re off to a casual event and add a two-tone link bracelet to achieve a contemporary accent to your corporate style.

Layered look

This option works best for casual dates and museum trips. Wearing a cardigan over your polo provides a fantastic contrast to your dark denim. However, you can only use a dark cardigan if you’re wearing a light-colored polo and vice versa. Complete the look by using a watch with a white face and loafers with no show socks. A brown belt provides balance, but you can experiment with waist straps of other colors as well.

Rugged style

If you want to dress up without looking too formal, you can pair your dark denim and a white polo shirt with a brown or grey herringbone jacket. Darker colors will make you look fabulous and using boots instead of loafers provide a masculine touch. Plain polo shirts work best with the suit jacket, and a casual watch of another neutral color injects variety.

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