For most men, the classic three-piece, single-breasted tailored suit will always be a style staple that can never lose its appeal, especially when worn properly. When it comes to the concept of color, however, general opinion can divide and vary widely in regards to what shades are best on a suit for all occasions. One option that stands out the most is a classic gray suit. 

Gray suits, to put it simply, are a wardrobe essential that tells anyone all they need to know about how style-savvy the wearer is without having to divulge too much or cross borders. From Hollywood premieres to meetings held in offices on penthouse floors, gray suits are perfect for any event that calls for sharp dressing, more so when making a statement is the priority. As opposed to the traditional and formal traits of a standard black suit, gray suits are absolutely versatile, easily proving itself as a perfect option for any opportunity to dress up. 

One common problem that comes about when wearing a gray suit, however, is that it’s a whole lot easier to mess things up and give off a monotonous vibe when they are worn more often. Although it may be irresistible to don a gray suit at even the slightest of opportunities, the risk of coming off with a boring, repetitive outfit is much larger than one may expect. 

A particular factor that has much to do with the impact of your suit and its ability to pull off a different appeal with each wear is the set of colors you pair with it. Knowing the right set of colors to pair with your gray suit essentially entails picking the right shirt and tie combination for the day. 

Color combinations for a gray suit

Fortunately, wearing a gray suit as often as you can (or every day, if you’re willing to push the boundaries) without being a style criminal is possible. That is through a few simple tweaks to the shirts and ties that you match with it. Let’s look at a few killer shirt and tie color combinations that you can match with your gray suit for maximum style points: 

1. If you have a meeting at four but you’re drinking at five: a white shirt and black tie

Commonly known as one of David Beckham’s go-to pairings when he puts on a gray suit, a white-shirt-black-tie combo is the absolute essential for anyone looking to put on a well-rounded look. The bare-minimum appeal given by a simple monochromatic combination pulls off an overall look that can keep the ears of potential clients open while looking sharp for a whiskey on the rocks with the lads. For the suit and tie, it’s best to stick with silk for a uniform and succinctly stylish impact at any time of day.

2. For a simple, yet impactful two-tone combination: a black shirt and nothing else

If you’re looking to go beyond the standard white shirt while ditching the tie, then a standalone black shirt is the perfect way to go. For a look that works well in the winter, put on a black dress shirt to contrast the white snow and match well with the blue undertones of the winter sun and moon. 

Essentially, black shirts are a powerful piece that can get the suit working to your favor even if you take the jacket off, as it makes a bold style statement. Additionally, it’s also worth noting that black shirts are a great option to go for if you’re in need of a slimming effect that matches right up with the sleek and stylish effect of the color combination. 

3. A bit on the daring side with minimal risks: a pale blue shirt and navy blue tie

At first read, you may probably think that combining gray and blue is the perfect recipe for being booked by the fashion police—or even sacrilegious to some extent. When pairing blues and grays, however, a dark gray suit works immaculately with a pale blue shirt and navy blue tie. Sophistication and intelligence are just some of the characteristics that can be used to describe this uncanny combination, which essentially makes it perfect for any debonair, such as the likes of 007. 

Choosing the right type of shirt-and-tie color combination to pair with your gray suit can go a long way when it comes to frequent wearing. Before you put on your gray suit and dread the possibility of turning it into a “uniform” look instead of a stylish one, try these color combinations out for maximum effect!

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