You may be a recent college graduate, getting back into the workforce after a break, or interviewing for a conservative job in law, or in banking and investment. Being in an interview can be intimidating, but you have to look the part of standing out from your competition. Aside from being able to showcase your education and skill set, choosing the best suit for the interview is crucial. Your choice of interview attire should convey the message that you are serious about the job.

Here are some job interview wardrobe basics for women:

A two-piece, dark, gray, navy or black suit

When interviewing for a conservative company, this is your best choice. A navy blue blazer should be a staple in your wardrobe. It is best complemented by a button-down shirt or a light-colored shirt. It is also best if you avoid the pinstripe suits because they are harder to accessorize. Black suits are also easier to mix and match with different styles.

A skirt or slacks topped with a blouse with a bow

This combination makes for a perfect elegant look. You can pair the blouse with either slacks or a skirt. To make the top pop, you can add a lovely-looking belt with a touch of detail. A plain black slack or a skirt with an interesting fabric makes for a perfect professional business look.


Employers expect applicants to be in their best professional attire and the shoes you wear are a vital part of it. It should coordinate with your clothes. Open-toe backless dress shoes, stilettos, sandals, and sneakers are usually unacceptable footwear for interviews. For women, a leather or fabric slip-on dress shoe flats and low heel pumps with sturdy heels in black or any color that matches your clothes is advised.

Statement dresses

Despite the importance of looking conservative and professional in your interviews, you should not be afraid to experiment. A beautiful dress with an interesting color like deep red or muted turquoise will look great as an interview attire. With statement dresses, you do not have to worry about adding accessories or jewelry. Just be mindful that when using statement dresses, you have to stay modest with the rest (like simple black ballet shoes or a white handbag). Avoid revealing necklines or short dresses, and stay as appropriate as possible. 

Pantsuit vs Skirt suit

The company you are going for an interview may sometimes dictate what you should wear to your interview. When going to more conservative and old-fashioned companies, a skirt suit is a more prudent choice. 

Do not forget to wear hosiery when wearing a skirt suit. It is best to choose nude colors very near your skin tone. Skirt length should be at least just below your knees. However, some women are uneasy wearing a skirt plus a pantyhose, especially during hot weather, so a pantsuit is an excellent alternative to achieve a professional look. 

Whatever you choose, comfort is vital. The more comfortable you are in your attire, the less anxiety and tension you feel, the more you can focus on the interview to yield the best results.

Choosing a suitable outfit for an interview is important, and adequate thought should be given to it. Whatever you decide to wear, take note that your goal is to impress and flaunt your qualifications. You have to ensure that what you are wearing symbolizes you as their future employee, dependable and smart. Make sure that it is not distracting so that the person interviewing you can focus on what you are saying and not be distracted by your attire. The best outfit in an interview should be comfortable, professional, and gives you confidence.

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