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Professionals know the importance of making a great first impression. However, you don’t get that by spending money on business suits or sport coats. Buying designer labels won’t suffice either, especially if they don’t fit your body well. Instead, the wardrobe must fit perfectly to exude an image of power and confidence.

You can save money while getting the same result by having a custom tailor alter your suit. They can make the necessary cuts and stitches to improve the attire for your next meeting or networking event. Here are some alterations that they can perform.

1. They can alter the trousers

Some professionals wear trousers that are either too long or too short for their legs. Tailors can adjust pants that are too long, and it will not take much of their time to do so. Likewise, it’s one of the most affordable alterations because it only involves reducing the pants’ length.

The more expensive alternations include tapering the thigh part or deepening the rise. Adjusting the waistline and replacing the trouser’s zipper or button entails more work, as well. You can avoid most of these tasks if you give the tailor to create customized trousers for you.

2. They can adjust the dress shirt

Off-the-rack dress shirts will not fit your build perfectly because they use generic sizes to create the wardrobe. Slim-fit shirts that are readily available nowadays can address your concern, but its cut is not the same across all brands. Despite the minor issues, you can still buy these clothes and have them altered later on by a tailor.

They can replace missing buttons or adjust collars. However, it’s highly likely that they don’t have the exact button or the right shade of fabric to perform a flawless alteration. Instead, you must settle with a fabric of a slightly different shade for them to complete the job.

Meanwhile, tailors can only do minimal fit alterations before compromising the entire fit. They can hem the torso length by one or two inches or create a slimmer fit from a billowy shirt. The tailor can also shorten the sleeves unless the shirt is already short or tight.

3. They can fix the suit jacket

Off-the-rack suit jackets rarely turn into an ideal fit without alteration. If this is what your budget allows for in your current situation, a custom tailor can perform some adjustments to make it look better on you. They can replace the button and suit linings to create a V shape when buttoned. They can also reduce the jacket’s waist for a better fit. Tailors can even shorten the jacket although it’s not an ideal alternation because it messes up the proportions, especially in the torso’s length.

Tailors can shorten the sleeves at the wrist area if you wish. Reducing them from the shoulder is achievable but entails delicate work. Finally, the shoulder area of the suit jacket can undergo alterations as well. However, you’re better off not buying a suit that doesn’t fit well in your shoulders because the adjustments are difficult to pull off.

Finally, you can avoid these risky alterations if you will have a customized suit done by a bespoke tailor. They will create high-quality suits based on your measurements, and their decades-long reputation is your assurance of durability. Contact a custom suit tailor today to schedule a fitting session.

If you are looking for a bespoke suit tailor in Bangkok, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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