The suit is a man’s go-to attire when they want to look their best, and it’s like an armor that shields you against fashion faux pas. But those who are delving into formal wear are looking for stylish suits, and these five themes are must-haves because they never go out of style.

1. Navy Two-Piece

Its rich and versatile tone makes it arguably the only suit a man will need because it adapts to any scenario from a job interview to a wedding reception. Go for a single-breasted, notch lapel suit jacket to achieve the best style and pair it with brown footwear and accessories. You can also combine the navy blazer with jeans or tailored trousers to produce smart casual attires.

2. Black Two-Piece

Even if a black suit often receives negative feedback, well-tailored versions make you look sophisticated and slimmer. Keep the styling simple because adding too much color or patterns can destroy the harmony of your style. Pairing it with a white dress shirt and a black silk tie is a perfect combination, while Chelsea boots or black lace-up shoes complete the dapper look.

This get-up is a fantastic evening attire because a black suit works best under artificial light. It does not pop out in the daytime, and black fabric absorbs more of the sun’s heat. You can combine a black suit jacket and take off the edges by wearing slim grey trousers.

3. Grey Prince of Wales Check

While some prints quickly fall out of fashion, the Prince of Wales check has transcended time. These suits were initially for Scottish gamekeepers who watched the countryside, and it has become a popular suit option for males of all ages.

Wearing a mid-grey or charcoal version of this suit helps you stand out from a sea of black and navy blue. Grey is also a fantastic color when hosting or doing commentary in front of a camera. You don’t need to add many accessories for this design because you must let the pattern stand out. Try combining the blazer with tan brogues and indigo jeans for a rugged look.

4. Mid-Grey Three-Piece

Grey is so versatile that it will work both as a corporate suit and as a groom’s attire. No wonder a mid-grey three-piece suit remains a timeless style and a worthy investment for those who like the buttoned-up approach. This stylish suit comes in handy every time you need to make an impression.

Even if the waistcoat is not appropriate for everyday use, the three-piece suit lets you forego the jacket during summer and still look sharp. You can achieve a dressed-down approach by combining a tieless shirt with rolled-up sleeves with waistcoat and trousers.

5. Beige suit

The beige suit turned into a modern classic when gentlemen realized the value of seasonal dressing. This attire becomes the default option for warm-weather events because it is a cross of casual and formal. Wear it with a grey tee, and you’ll have a get-up for a summer wedding. Likewise, pairing the beige suit with a shirt and tie makes you get ready for work.

Since this design works best during spring or summer, it’s suitable to wear them with breathable shirts like cotton or linen to make you more comfortable. Go for a slim cut to allow airflow but not skinny enough to restrict circulation.

Its pieces will also work with other wardrobes for a more casual feel. You can wear trousers with a polo shirt and trainers for a sporty look or blazer and jeans if you’re having a night out. Complete the look with navy blue or brown accessories to achieve a manageable contrast.

Go for custom-made suits

You can try your luck with off-the-rack suits that were made using generic sizes. However, the chances of finding a perfect fit are slim. You can take these design inspirations to a bespoke tailor to get a suit that falls off your shoulders right and hugs your body comfortably. The tailors will create a suit based on your measurements and deliver nothing but top quality products. Visit the nearest custom suit tailor in your location to schedule a fitting.

If you are looking for custom made suits in Bangkok, Thailand, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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