A well-fitted suit can enhance the appearance of any man wearing it. This means that while getting the perfect fit in a suit is the key, you also have to consider many other elements that can make up your overall look. Such elements include the tie, shirt, pocket square, cufflinks, socks, and other essential accessories. The goal is to ensure that they all perfectly complement each other to exude elegance and sophistication that is perfect for a formal occasion.

Because wearing a suit can be tricky, we’re here to guide you on how to spruce up the elements of your suit.

1. Suit and tie

An elegant suit and tie should look good together. First, match a vibrant blue tie with a dark navy suit to create a tonal look. If you want to have more contrasting colors, try a red tie instead. Second, opt for muted tones such as brown or burgundy if you are planning to wear a grey suit. For a sharp effect, go for a black-tie instead. Lastly, wear a warm color tie, such as burgundy, if you’re wearing a black suit. If you’re light-skinned, you will want to tone down the contrast between you and the suit.

2. Shirt and tie

Pairing a shirt and tie can be rather tricky. Nowadays, air ties, roll necks, and T-shirts are best donned under a blazer. Although it may be easy to dismiss the idea of putting a humble tie along with your shirt, know that a shirt and tie is such a classic combo for a reason. In the end, this timeless pairing can make you appear trustworthy and employable.

3. Pocket square, suit, and tie

There’s no denying that a pocket square has become a vital element in a suit these days. This is such a fine detail that ought to be subjected to the wardrobe rules. If incorporated incorrectly, they can mess up your overall appearance. The safest option is to pair a white shirt with a white pocket square. If you want to be a little advanced, however, look for a patterned pocket square with the secondary color matching your tie. You can also opt for tonal with a subtle shade change between the shirt, tie, and square.

4. Socks and suit

Never miss out on using the right pair of socks to combine with your suit. A rule of thumb is to match the color of your socks with the color of your trousers. This means that black socks on black trousers, navy on navy, or two shades of grey for both.

5. Cufflinks and leather accessories

Know that some well-displayed accessories, like cufflinks, can spruce up your look. This is why you need to make sure that you pick up the right ones. It’s also worth investing in fine leather goods to match. When you incorporate the belt, briefcase, and shoes, you will have an overall suit that will undoubtedly enhance your appearance!

A suit that stands out depends on the details used on it. This means that you have to get acquainted with all the elements and make sure that they match your suit and complement each other. From the suit itself to the pocket square down to your footwear, you should know how to pull off the right look and appearance. 

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