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Most people avoid purchasing a suit for one reason: they think they can’t wear it casually. Although suits were initially meant for special or formal occasions, so many brand new suit designs coming out today are becoming more versatile. Of course, the only way anyone’s going to wear a suit casually is if they know how to in the first place.

Wearing a Suit Casually

Remember, you’re trying to achieve that relaxed look. You can do that by untucking your shirt, getting rid of the tie, removing any office-related accessories, and the likes. However, one of the best things you can do to wear your suit casually is to pair it with other uncasual items.

Here are the four different pieces of outfit you can pair with your suit to achieve that casual look:

1. Shirts

Nothing screams “casual” better than a t-shirt, which is perhaps one of the most effective ways you can turn your suit into casual wear. You can opt for t-shirts in neutral colors, such as grey, white, or black. However, if you’re a little more adventurous, choosing for striking color combos or even t-shirts with designs on them is also an option. Pair that with tasteful accessories, and you have yourself a solid casual look.

If you are a little apprehensive of going down to the level of casualness that a t-shirt offers, then a little more formal shirt is what you’ll go for. Of course, you can still rock the relaxed look, but with a little more edge to it. Just remember to ditch all the formal accessories like the tie, belt, and so on. Preferably, you’d be wearing the accessories you usually wear casually, like a pair of sunglasses. 

As for the shirt itself, avoid the colors that are associated with the workplace. Instead, choose ones that are bold in color and pattern, along with ones made with materials that are commonly used to create casual clothes like denim. 

2. Knitted Clothes

During colder weather, you’d want to opt for knitwear to keep you warm. You can either wear the knitted outfit under your suit to maintain the casual look or over the suit if you’re trying to look a little more formal. Just be sure to opt for pieces of outfit that aren’t thick, else you will ruin the slim look if that’s what you’re trying to maintain. Color-wise, you can opt for one color scheme or show a little bit of flair with flashier colors and designs.

3. Belts

If your trousers already fit perfectly on you, skip the belt. That piece of accessory is for a formal environment, and you wouldn’t want that for casual scenarios. However, if you need to wear one to keep your pants up, or don’t feel comfortable without one, look for a belt that enhances your casual look. Belts made of fabrics, canvas, and the likes, along with colors that fit your color scheme, will be your best choices.

4. Footwear

People are becoming more and more accepting of what kind of shoe you can use that pairs well with suits. One such case is the boots, where one can opt for a military-like pair, save the fact that the footwear fits the entire appearance. Others want to wear something even more casual than boots, and so opt for sneakers. Sneakers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, meaning that there is a pair for any style anyone is trying to achieve. Want to achieve a bold or a slim look? There’s a pair of sneakers for that.

By pairing your suit with the pieces of outfit we’ve talked about here, you’ll be able to achieve that casual look while still putting your suit into good use. Gone are the days where your expensive suit sits in your closet, awaiting the next wedding or conference meeting before you can finally wear it. Now, you can wear it wherever you go for any casual occasion!

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