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Wearing suits can be quite tricky, and experimenting with them to find the best combination can be all the more challenging. Suits are usually associated with formality, elegance, and sophistication. Matching them with casual attire, rugged pants, or any accessories can be out of hand. 

Other than that, have you ever wondered whether or not your suits can match your boots? For all you know, succumbing to the idea can be quite risky. If incorporated incorrectly, you may compromise your overall look and appearance. Fret not, however, as the right boots can be perfectly matched with your suits. 

That said, here’s our ultimate guide on how you can pair your suit with your boots!

1. Cowboy Boots

Wearing cowboy boots with your suit is a big and bold statement, which is why you must have the confidence to match both of them. First, make sure that the trousers fall over the top of the cowboy boots. Your trousers should be a bit slim but not gripping. Also, never tuck your pants to have a modern look and veer away from a rodeo appearance. Finally, your boots do not need to contrast dramatically with your suit, as that pair alone is already a statement. Make sure that the colors complement each other.

2. Chukka Boots

Wearing chukka boots with your suit is a great way to tone down the formality and give way to a little laid-back appearance. Also known as desert boots, these boots come in a suede construction with either a rubber or thin leather sole. When pairing, opt for a leather-soled pair with a dark suede upper. As for the color, you can go for black, dark brown or navy. In terms of trousers, choose flannel trousers tailored with a thick cuff. Finally, feel free to experiment with a t-shirt rather than a traditional button-down. All these options will give you a casual, slightly formal look.

3. Work Boots

Wearing work boots with your suit is ideal for the winter months. Such a combo defies people’s expectations and will make you look sensational. To pull this off, look for a few very specialized State-side makers with Red Wing being the most significant. A pair of Red Wings or a similar style work boot exudes any look with rustic flamboyant. When completing the overall appearance, opt for tweeds, flannels, or other roughly hewn fabrics.

4. Combat Boots

Wearing combat boots with your suit can create a punk look. It’s a perfect combination of establishment and rebellion, giving off such a striking figure. To put this look together, look for ultra-skinny, British-mod inspired tailoring. You can opt for bold block colors or sharp geometric prints. As for the combat boots, go for a high level of polish. You can choose exciting colors like Oxblood over standard black or brown.

Matching your suits with your boots can be not as hard as you may think. It’s about creating a formal persona punctuated with a bit of rebellion. Whether you’re using cowboy boots, chukka boots, work boots, or combat boots, consider the valuable tips mentioned above to make a perfect pairing with your suit. Boots and suits can be a perfect combo to spruce up your look and bring your suit style to the next level!

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